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August 28, 2010


A tourist strolling on a beach in Washington state discovered a human foot Friday, the ninth to wash up on the West Coast in the last three years.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"Because of the island's position in the Strait of Georgia, it's not unusual for bodies, torsos, legs and arms to wash ashore, he said."


Arch enemy?

Hmm...I have a strange feeling that something is afoot...

Excuse me, do you know where I would find the Witch Doctor's shack?

Oh it's just a few more feet up the beach.

Have there been a lot of 'Hokie Pokie' championships there?

Most of the feet have been wearing running shoes, which confirms my suspicion that running is bad for you.

Putting the best foot forward does not always pay off.

Nike's new concrete "hit man" runner.

Whidbey Island is on the other side of the Olympic Peninsula from the high school in Forks, WA, and the currents flow south along the West Coast, so the spare parts are probably entering the Juan de Fuca Strait from farther out in the Pacific. Alaskan mamma grizzlies will use almost anything for bait.

Even if the vampires fly to the Seattle area, this sounds more like cannibals. Either way, the clues are mostly armless.

They won't get far afoot.

"At this point, it appears there's no trauma to it." ???
I'd say the person who lost it might disagree. I misplaced my driver's license once and just about freaked out.
Losing a foot would leave me completely stumped.

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