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August 26, 2010


Accused drunk man jailed after arguing with bike; argument winner unclear

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He swears it spoke nasty to him...

help stamp out drinking and swearing, or drinking and biking. maybe they will give the bike to a good home.

Will he pedal his story to the media?

What right do the cops have to interfere in a private argument between a guy and his bike?


Hey cindy, he looks single to me. I think he was in the Willie Nelson lookalike contest.

Of course, he is missing his Adam's apple, if that's a deal breaker for you.


It takes all kinds doesn't it.

That is a deal breaker, Jeff. Of course Siouxie may not mind. Hey Siouxie, he's athletic too!

No word on whether or not the bike was yelling back.

S'okay, cindy. Thanks. Really.

Sounds like a typical Sat night at the Vunder Bar.

The sad thing is they never get charges for these kind of things, only Detox..

anybody else notice that will greenlee (bottom, right) looks a lot like our own tropichuntguy?

Who's to say the guy was actually arguing with his bike? Maybe he was arguing with his imaginary friend, made all the more real by the fact that he was intoxicated?

The whole time I was reading this article, I kept thinking that this guy was the main character in a movie about a guy and his best buddy, some kind of invisible angel or something. Sort of like the movie "Heart Condition" starring Denzel Washington and Bob Hoskins.

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