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August 29, 2010


...make it this one.

(Thanks to mcouhig)


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Hay-larious. I always wanted to do that to my sister, only on a tighter twine setting.

Yeah. Usually when that happens you get a dead farmer.

I believe he's guilty of BUI. Baling under the influence.

He's too drunk to itch.

Why did he have to do that naked? Wouldn't the hay be a tad bit itchy?

Um, what happened to the runaway tractor?

Didja hear that Vermont has banned those big round hay bales because the cows can't get their mouths around them?

If I only had a brain.

Straw polack.

I think someone needs to take a look at his other (wink, wink, nod, nod) crops.

Stupid grasshole.

Why naked? Did he want to become One with the Hay, or was it to avoid getting his clothes caught? If it was the latter, what about his, errm, built-in dangly bits?

So many questions for us city girls...

I guess your mind (loosely used term) begins to wander when all day long you're driving a tractor back and forth and back and forth and back and..........

O/T: Hay! Isn't Dave-Barry-who-should-write-a-book up for an EMMY tonight?

Sorry if im out of the loop/away from the farm too long, but i won't bale on him: Good Luck ur Emmynence: You Deserve It!

I'm willing to bet he lost at a drunken game of poker.

Dave, I'll bet Gene Weingarten doesn't have an Emmy. And remember it's an honor to just be nominated however I believe you'll win. Don't forget to thank us loyal bloggers.

If you don't get an Emmy there's always chance of a Nobel and, who knows, Someday a Pulitzer. I hear they make great doorstops.

Makin' hay while the sun moon shines.

This is absolutely the very definition of a "hold my beer and watch this" moment.

That's the last straw. No self respecting cow will touch it now.

THAT. Was seriously funny. A Golden Gooseballhead to farmer John.

But you don't want to see the Farmer in the Dell.


Well, I for one and speechless. Raised on a farm and it looks like another fun activity I missed.

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