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August 23, 2010


Earlier this month, Harry Mortenson, D-Las Vegas, submitted a bill draft request for the 2011 Legislative session for a resolution that asserts while the preferred pronunciation of the state's name is "Ne-VAD-a," pronouncing it "Ne-VAH-da" is also acceptable.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody [pronounced co-DEE])


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So when I visit Vegas, this is news?

How about Hot Nevada?

Sure. As long as the preferred pronunciation of the bill's sponsor is "Harry More-dumb-sh!t."

i thought for the right price you could call it anything...

Let's call the whole thing off . . .

i guess its any way ya rolls the dice...

In Missourie and Missoura, and maybe even Mizzoorie, the city is produced Ne-VAY-da.

North Versailles, near Pittsburgh, is pronounced "Ver sales."

Beuna Vista in Virgina, is pronounced "Byoona Vista"

No es buena to be spelled that way, wiredog, butt in Virginny, I wouldn't be surprised.

Same thing in Colorado, Wiredog. And in Wyoming, Dubois is pronoounced Doo Boys. Go figure!

Bexar County, Texas is pronounced "Bear".

Palacios, TX is "pa-LASH-ous".

And the "H" is Houston is silent.

You don't even want to get across the Sabine River into Looooosiana.

You say Ne-VAD-da
I say Ne-VAH-da.
*must stop thinking like bonmot*
I used to work in the town of Cherryville. You could always tell an outsider when they pronounced it as spelled. A true native pronounces it Chair-vull. We also have another town called Casar. For some reason newscasters pronounce it See-zar. It's pronounced Kay-zur.

Boss yelling at new employee: "My name is McDermitt, NOT MACDermitt!"
Secretary whispering to another employee: "I always pronounced it 'A$$HOLE'."

Chili, Indiana.


Not even close: CHY-lye.

Can't we all just get along?

Wilkes-Barre, PA is pronounced 'Wilks Barry' even by dancers, and Worcester, MA is 'Woster' to the locals and 'Wista' to the Bostonians.

OK, KJP, that's just dumb.

There are also Marseilles (Mar-SELL-us) and Cairo (kay-ro) Illinois (NOT "ill-ih-noise").

Also in Missouri (mizz-ER-ah), obs, is New Madrid (new MAD-rid), and everyone knows Kansas City is "kan-sitty," and Bellefontaine is "BELL-fountain." I loves me some country accents! ;)

Miami = MyJammie = MyAHma

Ultimately, they'd all be a lot more happy and prosperous if they changed the name to " Not-California ".

Wow, all this time, I thought it was pronounced "throat warbler mangrove."

Question: Is the correct pronounciation of the capital of Kentucky "Lou-is-ville" or "Louie-ville" or "Lou-a-ville"?

Wait for it......

Answer: The correct pronounciation is "Frankfort".

Who cares how they pronounce it, as long as they don't mess with "the right to love Awful Awfuls."


Whatever you do, don't even think about changing the name of Arkansas.

I'd like to see that Mortenson guy try to pronounce "Worcester" and "Tyngsborough." Ha!

Guin - I always pronounced them Woostah and Tingsburro, as I was raised in Central MA and not Bawstun.

Spammers may not be Englishing good! There will always be s. b. to remove! Even if you do not like, we not like you more.

Huh! Chili, NY is also pronounced CHY-lye.

Naranja, in southern Miami, is pronounced Na-RAN-juh, not the Spanish pronunciation.
Cairo, GA, is KAY-ro (that's where Karo syrup comes from).
Havana, FL, is often pronounced Hay-van-a.
Tallahassee, where I live, is often pronounced "that place where the a$$hole politicians are making stupid decisions."

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