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August 17, 2010


The 'We Don't Get Out Much' State

(Thanks to queensbee)


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What were the "cute girls" wearing?

I mean, there might have been a good reason (or two) to attract the guys' attention.

Idaho: The "Reach out and touch me" state

guys not bis are attractors too

yo, wattchu lookin at heah?
(NYC version)

Reach out, reach out and touch some-WHAAAAAAA!

"Hey honey, nice potatoes."


"Idaho? YOU da ho!"


"Whoa, check out the russets on THAT one..."

I for one am grateful Idaho does not get out much. Keep it away from me.

Looks matter. In college, I was walking down a hallway with an extremely attractive and well-endowed girl. Apparently, I was not the only one with that opinion. Another guy walking towards us kept his eyes on her so intently that he walked straight into a door and broke the temple of his glasses.
It made my day but I don't think she even saw it.
We live for sex so much that sometimes we die for it.

Steve, speaking from experience, she noticed. Sorry if he got hurt, butt...it's a fun game.

Women (me) also do dumb things like this sometimes. I was walking through a store at the mall a few years ago and this really handsome guy nodded and said hello to me. I was trying to be sophisticated and sexy right up to the point that I walked head first into a post in the mall. I don't think he was impressed. He kept walking. What can I say? He was a well built guy doing construction in the mall.

Were you breastfeeding at the time, nc?

Cute girls in Idaho? Must be from out of state.

"...inattentive driving."

More like overly attentive driving.

Maybe he was counting her teeth and she was so beautiful he had to take his shoes off.

*high fives Annie*

Careful, Punkin. Don't fall off your Softail. ;p



*Wonders how you treat unknown injuries*

Very carefully, mtb.

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