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August 27, 2010


A website advertising a new restaurant in Germany has called for humans to donate body parts for the menu causing outrage.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Devour kraut

Never order the clown. He tastes funny.

You just know they'll serve that with a nice Chianti and fava beans.

They tried to serve Divorcee, but it was too bitter.

I'm waiting for the 'sausage' comments.

*still waiting*

Padraig stole my joke.

Ad for Cannibal Restaurant:
'You won't leave the table til everyone's eaten'.

Well if they need some good fat to make the grease for the french fried fingers I have a lot I can donate.

Not gonna touch the line about "spotted dick"...

There's a cream for that, Allen. Meanie told me.

Why all the uproar over a modest proposal?

Siouxie i think jeff was looking for the 'Sausage in Cream Sauce' reviews (when he's done folding socks)

I prefer the penne pasta with italian sausage myself, trustf8. VERY al dente!

You never saw such a sausage!

Impatient restaurant patron: "When am I a sausage becoming?"

Dibs on the ribs.

Don't mention the wart!

Why does the wienerschnitzel shrink after the cream gravy squirts off the plate?

I think it is called 'long pig'.

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