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August 27, 2010


The Washington Shakespeare Company, that Arlington outpost of offbeat treatments of classic plays, is going where no D.C. enterprise has ever quite gone before, offering up a whole evening of Shakespeare -- in Klingon.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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On the bright side I would have as much chance of understanding this as I do when they deliver the lines in the original english. And I speak that there english gooder than I speak klingon.

I'm speechless. Both Klingon and English speechless.


RIKER: "Even Klingons need love now and then."
WORF: "For what we would consider love, sir, I would need a Klingon woman."
RIKER: "What about plain old basic sex? You must have some need for that."
WORF: "Of course, but with the females available to me, sir, Earth females, I must restrain myself too much. They are quite fragile, sir."
RIKER: "Worf, if anyone else had said that, I'd suspect he was bragging."

bljeghbe'chugh vaj blHegh!

Never was a Trekkie, but I appreciate the goofballishness.

I appreciate the goofballishness also, in that it keeps Trekkies away from us sane people.

Sane people, Annie? HERE?!?...


who's dead? shakespeare? really?

As long as they don't call the Enterprise a garbage scow.

"...ought to be hauled away--AS garbage!"

*begin tribble bar fight*

hm.. nerd much?

Ayyyy, keptin. She's arcin' like a Chrrrrrristmas tree an I doan know what ta dewwwwwww.

bonmot is "pinin'" for the nerds.

I'm a doctor, not an actor!

The King's Klingon?

Uhmmmm, I may be wrong but I think the S.B. is a trekkie. NTTAWWT!

Fore soothe and grackackack a dak.

"This same scall, survy, cogging companion" "whoreson, beetle-headed, flap-eared knave". Sounds like a Klingon to me.

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