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August 28, 2010


Ogling women a natural reflex

(Thanks to John Vecchione)


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"Man trances are fleeting moments of unconscious aesthetic appreciation that disappear from the mind as quickly as they emerge."

.... Women's trances, however, lead to prolonged, elaborate fantasies and published books.

Just sayin'

A womans trance is prolonged depending on the individual and maybe could lead to a romance novel however when men look it's second nature to them.

With all that going on inside a man no wonder he's always too tired to do anything! Poor babies! Have a beer and just rest now. And Batman would definitely beat Spiderman.

A wide brim hat is a good match for those dark eye shades. Together, they make a man's gaze nearly impossible to ascertain.

Well, that's what Dave said.

Enjoy this columnist while you can. The PC police will have him fired within weeks.

Latitude, latitude, just looking for latitude.

So, I don't need to wipe my drool up immediately? That makes life a lot easier -- THUNK -- , if more painful.

Yeah, can I jab a woman next time she gets all mooney eyed over some weenie rom-com Ken doll? That ends up being an hour-and-a-half trance that leads to days of critical comparison.

And what about the damn kilts?

yeah loud, don't bring up the double standard - it just makes 'em louder.

Did somebody say, "kilt?"

After I commented about an attractive woman, my mother-in-law once said, "You're married. You shouldn't even notice an attractive other woman."
I told her that if that were the case, I probably wouldn't look at my wife, either.
Now, there is documentation.

Men are programmed to look at other women involuntarily, women are programmed to not believe that. Way to go, Evolution!


bonmot - don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful. There are so many better reasons.

*is unsure where to look* ;)


When annie's right, she's right.

*SMACKS* the stuffing out of bonmot.

*ogles nursecindy*

Hands Bonmot his stuffing

Thanks, bro.

Will print and save this, never know when the little woman may need a new explaination. I have just been using the excuse that I was adjusting my tri-focals but that is wearing thin.

Hey, I know it was a non-correct statement re "the little woman". but read my name again, I am old and allowed to be an old codger.

i just tell my wife I couldn't tell if she cummin' or goin'

never works...

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