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August 23, 2010


TURTLECREEK TWP., Warren County — An 85-year-old man accused of trying to bring marijuana to his grandson in jail recently was an eye opener for prison officials...

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Who doesn't love a care package from grandpa?

Maybe it's medical marijuana. After all, it's from Dick Heritz.

go grampy. go grampy, dude.

And stay off his lawn while he's in jail!

Hey you kids! Keep off my lawn grass!


I have been trying to think what I can get the grandkids for their birthdays. Maybe if they really like grandpa they will rollll him one.

Grandma told him it was oregano.

I suspect this was a blatent attempt to supplement his medicare with the free prison medical care. Shameful !

Greg Heritz was disappointed.
His grand-dad had been anointed
to bring him some weed,
but he failed in his deed,
and ended up being dis-jointed.

All my grandfather ever brought us from his garden was sweet corn and tomatoes.

T-shirt slogan time!

"My grandpa visited me in jail and all I got was this lousy...hey, man - pass the Doritos™ willya?"

"Quit bogartin' my grandpa!"

It's for his rheumatiz

( eyes photo ) No, he's not on anything.

pot but no condoms or porn? what kind of a grandfather is he, anyway?

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