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August 24, 2010


Wanna go for a drive?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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But you can't remember where you parked it...

I've been in cars that had a high hemp content.

I already see there is going to be a problem with these things bursting in to flames. At 2 in the morning. Way out in the country. With a group of people standing around, downwind.

Room for three passengers. How many bags of munchies does that work out to?

is it made out of twinkie mayhap?

*snork* @ JG

i once had a car that sprouted mushrooms from the floor mat... it wasn't MADE of hemp, but there was probably hemp that through time had become interwoven with the sheet metal. i'm probably the only one around here like that...

I'm beginning to like Canada more and more. It goes 90 kilometres per hour? Wow that's like fast isn't it? Or at least it will just seem that way.

90 kilometres per hour = 55.92 mph. I looked it up.

*snork* @ JG!

...and you will always think the cops are following you...

Wingnut - that would be a compact high.

Normally I don't want to be behind cars blowing smoke, but in this case...

Duuuude, smokin' ride.

why is there smoke coming from the ashtray? uh...never mind

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