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August 19, 2010


Witnesses said the woman took off all her clothes after she and another woman had a full-on fist fight over a man.

Key Questionable Assertion: It is unclear whether she was drunk.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Chuck Cody)


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"Three uniformed officers, in a paddy wagon"

Why are they always borrowin' me car for these things...?

Cat Fight!

Pants on the ground... pants on the ground.. got brass knuckles dents on your face.. looking like fool because your pants are on the ground


I sentence you to the spanking of your life, young lady!

Promise, BFF?? *wink*

At least it's not Fannie Mae.

The markets don't need any more downward encouragement.

Uh... Hal.. if you're going to post a link from that website at least post the best one.. How can you pass on a poop story?


♫ Tequila makes her clothes fall off.... ♫

Maybe she wanted to settle accounts with a pole dancing duel?

If that became a custom, I think violence rates would plummet. Or skyrocket. Who cares?

If that's a "pretty verbal" fight, I have to witness a physical one. I guess "paddy wagon" is not considered a slur against the Irish Down Under yet? It was a point covered by The Simpsons in their visit to Ireland, as I recall.

Slap dancers?

Gotta at least take your earrings out so your opponent doesn't rip your earlobes. And you don't want to muss your shoes, so take them off unless you can use the heels as weapons. Her blouse might have been new or a favorite, so gotta put that aside. Opponent might get a grip on the pants, so maybe get rid of those. But if you insist on going nekkid, oil up so your opponent can't get a hold of you.

Siouxie told me.

This is why schools need to implement Conflict Resolution classes. Lesson Plan: Work with students on not taking off clothes and fighting.

Sorry I sent this in too late, but since no one else has mentioned it, let me say that Naked Fist Fight WBAGNFA Aussie RB, as well as a Salma Hayek-Angelina Jolie movie.

Personally, I prefer a good old-fashioned mud-wrestlin'

(psssssssst Annie?? don't you be giving away all my secrets, huh?)

Throw in a couple of naked cheerleaders and some pillows and this pretty much describes every blog guy's dream.

Skip the cheerleaders and pillows and go right for the chocolate syrup. Strawberry, if you prefer.

Sad comment after top removal: "The patrons were reportedly unimpressed."

I don't think the picture was accurate.

Allen's imagination - 1
Reality - 0

♫ Some are black and some are white and some are brindle,
And some are young, and some are old and gray,
But what'll cost you fifty bucks in Lower Crown Street,
Will cost you half a zac in Fannie Bay.♫

She lay down in the median instead of the road; that's no way to win a Darwin Award.

rty ghdgf fh sf ghfg hdgh dfgh dfg hdfg hdfgh

A) NEVER get into the middle of a catfight. Dangerous.
B) Sell popcorn and drinks, 'cause not much is more entertaining.
C) Would make a great reality show. American Smackdown Idol.

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