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August 18, 2010


Bees trap deputy inside car for 3 hours

(Thanks to akubbs)


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♫ I stung the sheriff....but I did not sting no deputy. ♫

Why say it with flowers, when you can say it with bees.

In the words of Chief Wiggum, "Our bullets are useless." Bees take his gun and shoot him. "OK, not against us."

"They got a little testy,"
I thought "testy" was their normal status?

If you suffer from heebie jeebies don't click this.

I remember inspecting a honey producer who had left a window open. He had thousands of bees trapped in the facility on a hot day.
I was standing at the door when he slid it open. Maybe he thought he would terrify the big, bad inspector.
I was hit by, literally, hundreds of bees trying to escape the hot building. It was like I was the lid of the popcorn pan while popping.
It was interesting but I didn't find it scary. None of the bees stung me. Not even the one that was inside my shirt crawling across my chest as I drove off.
They tickled.

Too close to my personal space? We know where that is.

"It's like this," Pooh said. "When you go after honey with a balloon, the great thing is not to let the bees know you're coming. Now, if you have a green ballon, they might think you were only part of the tree, and not notice you, and if you have a blue balloon, they might think you were only part of the sky, and not notice you, and the question is: Which is most likely?"

"Wouldn't they notice YOU underneath the balloon?" Christopher Robin asked.

"They might or they might not," said Winnie-the- Pooh. "You never can tell with bees."


Really. Nice thread, y'all.

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