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August 25, 2010


'Dancer/housewife' busted after deputies see bag fall from 'genital area'


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Oh I thought that they were in my other purse...

But, she had just been in the shower so where in the world could...

Oh, nevermind.

Guys! Maybe she'll be single soon.



♫ Dancer/housewife's drugs fell out
 Hoohah, hoohah .... ♪

She forgot they were in there? But then again there always in the last place you look.

*snork* @ Meanie!

Could they at least have given her a HAIRBRUSH???

cindy, maybe she needed a flashlight.

I've found it's pretty important to remember what (or who)'s in your genital area...

Elizabeth, you slutty bitch.

bwwaaahaaa meanie.
otherwise, i am speechless. wow.
maybe she will live to regret it.

Snorks to Al and Meanie.

Occupation: (Let's see, should I put dancer or should I put housewife?)

Am I the only one who sees the resemblance?

According to her photo she doesn't look like she had taken any Alpraszolam in awhile.

snork to Guin

Another uncanny resemblence:

reposted due to bad link in previous

Also Buckwheat...otay?

Looks to me like Smurf's have come to life, in a drug crazed kind of way.

I'm guessing they don't offer conditioner in jail.

Siouxie, that's what I thought too!

Ted Koppel: Good evening, I'm Ted Koppel. Surely everyone knows by now that Buckwheat is dead. But for those of you who have not seen the videotape of Buckwheat being shot, let's take a look.

[CUT to the footage from the previous week of Buckwheat in front of his limo.]

Buckwheat: I nub nou! I nub nou! [grins and waves]

Voice: Hey. Mr. Wheat?

Buckwheat: Yes?

[Shots ring out, Buckwheat looks bewildered, and he slumps against the limo.]

Would it be wrong to suggest that she was having a doubly bad hair day?

The story on the same page about the man screaming at traffic saying he wanted to use his second amendment rights was interesting, too.

The affidavit didn't specify whether Progris simply forgot the pills were in her genital area, or how they got there.

Help me out here, but is that something you could forget?


Guin, I was thinking the resemblance was more like him.

"step away from the van der graaf generator!"

I think she was lying flat on the floor for that shot - or maybe they hung her upside down by her feet so nothing else would fall out of her vulvazela 'hoohah, hoohah' (*snork* @ meanie!).

Even though she was forced to undress,
her stash was tucked in her recess.
But after she she showered,
her Xanax deflowered.
And that's how they halted Progris.

nice, bon:

This isn't the end of her 'tale'
They won't let her get out on bail.
Surely they'll catch
What she hides in her sn@tch
Poor Progris will regress in jail.

Back atcha, trustf8!

Surely, a good lawyer could convince a jury that this was her doctor's prescribed method for taking her anti-anxiety medication?

This reminds me of a "Sex & the City" episode where Charlotte was diagnosed with a depressed vagina. It could happen...

Being a guy, I usually suggest a different solution for a depressed vagina. Rarely does anyone ever take me up on the offer.

I'm willing to bet that solution does not involve a depressed penis. IYKWIM AITYD

Siouxie, you apparently have a good understanding of the male species.

Charlotte was not the first. Wasn't that the ailment Lili Von Schtupp sang about in "Blazing Saddles"? So, yes, it could happen.

Based on that hair, I would have expected a pencil.

Ladies, this is why kegling is so very important.

Now, where did I leave my keys?

I had a female inmate once that had 30 marijuana cigarettes in her hoo-ha. To her credit they were wrapped carefully in aluminum foil. As for this woman the more I look at that hair do the better I like it. (beer thirty came early for me today)

nursecindy does body cavity searches on female inmates?

I think I saw a movie like that once . . .

*snork* at a whole lotta folks, with special honors to Insom for the Van de Graaff generator. Haven't thought about one of them in years...

WVplantman: right.

"Everything below the vaist is kaput!"

If there's a man in her life... poor guy. Must be like throwing a baseball bat down the hallway.

bonmot, I didn't do cavity searches but did have to chaperone a lot of them. The lawyers we did them on were the worst! Always complaining,asking why, reciting their rights etc. WriterDude, maybe she has a lovely personality.

Generic Xanax, huh? Sounds fishy to me.

It tool ALL day for a fish joke?? You guys are slackin!

Van de Graaf.

that would be tooK

The affidavit didn't specify whether Progris simply forgot the pills were in her genital area, or how they got there.

As far as the "how they got there" part, ummm, bloggals, help me out here...

Looks like the aftermath of the tragic steamroller accident.

I know, Siouxie. It saddens me that we're stuck with all the heavy lifting around here.

I'm gonna need to do more kegel exercises then, Mean One!

Yeah, especially if you're gonna tool all day .... ;)


"Took" rhymes with "snook". Coincidence? I think not . . .

Sounds like Colorado's female correctional institutions are ruled with an iron fisting.

Lily Allen is to music what the Taliban are to peace. This talentless moron trollop is worried about not being idolised by other tasteless morons.

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