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August 16, 2010


“It’s not every day you get a 75-year-old male on a walker holding up a bank.”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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While no weapon was produced, the 75-year-old told staff at a Prince George Bank of Nova Scotia that he was armed.

And if he said he was Lady Gaga would they have asked him for his autograph?


I've never quite got the logic of instructing tellers to give bank robbers the money. All the banks I go into have thick bulletproof glass anyway. If I hand them a note ("Does this say 'I have a gub'?") are they going to slide the money through the slot?

Personally, I believe in emulating the teller who just walked away and left the guy standing there with his dick in his hand penniless, but I guess that's why I'm not running a bank and they are.

Well, I have arms too. Say, do you think..?

He helled up a bank? He must be really strong.

Not a bad idea, I am close to retirement and with the economy this might be a money maker. I do think I will use a jet powered walker though.

It's nice to stay active in retirement. And since he was known to the police, he's kept his hobbies.
No doubt he'll stay warm for the coming Winter.
I'd say he's a man with a plan.

Good way to eat up the first 30 minutes of a " Law and Order " show: bank robbery in progress, takes 20 minutes for the robber to enter the bank and shuffle to the teller window.

oldfatguy, I'd use a Jazzy Scooter instead of the walker. Faster getaway. Jeff, here in N.C. we don't have bullet proof glass in front of our tellers. We still do it the old fashioned way without glass or bars between us and the tellers although the counters are pretty high. On the other hand if we tried to rob the bank we're all either related to the tellers or went to school with them so they would just come to our house and beat the stuffing out of us when they got off work. When I see something like this I have to wonder if the guy has a touch of Alzheimers or another medical problem.

Reminds me of "The Cat", a master criminal in the funny, funny, movie: "After the Fox". May be Peter Sellers best movie. If you haven't seen it, see it.

"Hey, you kids get offa my drive-thru!"

They can send Walker Texas Ranger after him. Freeze or I'll...forget.

Well, yah! Costs less to live in jail and the food's better than in a lot of nursing homes! Interesting retirement plan.

“It’s not every day you get a 75-year-old male on a walker holding up a bank.”

But a 75-year-old female on a walker would not be so noteworthy, I guess.

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