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August 17, 2010


A group of Nederland mothers is speaking out in support of one of their own after the new mother said she was told to "wrap it up" while breastfeeding her infant inside the LoveSac store at the FlatIron Crossing mall last week.

The Nederland woman shared with friends that a store manager told her Thursday that LoveSac has a policy against breastfeeding and she needed to stop. Now the group of supporters is threatening to hold a "nurse-in" at the mall.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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So many potential puns... so little time.

So--someplace called the "Love Sac" is against glandular excretions?

Also, isn't Nederlands where you stick a finger in the dyke?

Also, check out The Onion's NSFW report...

go girls! however, just know that there will be men staring and drooling...

queensbee - they do that anyway.

I actually experienced this same thing, a million or so years ago, whilst nursing my son in the common seating area of a Reno, Nevada mall. I told the security guard (who was asking me to leave) that for a state that had legalized prostitution, gambling and alcohol everywhere you turned, that a nursing mother seemed like the least of things to be concerned about it.

Look, I'm all about a womans' right to breastfeed her baby. And I am NOT a prude. But I see women all the time in public places where they just whip it out and attach the baby. Then the baby lets go and they sit there chatting with another person while their breast is exposed. This makes MANY people uncomfortable. (Not ME - heck paint em green and call em wayermelons for all I care!) But I just think that EVERY person deserves a little common courtesy, ya know? If you're at the Food Court and there are older gentlemen who are CLEARLY squirming and uncomfortable, then why not just use a light blanket to cover the exposed area? Does not interfere with your rights, and just shows a little respect for others. I swear, I think some women purposely invite criticism so that they can have the chance to berate another person and exclaim their "RIGHT TO BREASTFEED!!" What about a persons' right not to be made uncomfortable?

Sorry - feeling mucho ranty today.

ahem - watermelons

Hard to spellcheck when you're ranty

One would think the irony of a place called "LoveSac" bringing up this issue would be obvious to all, but no, apparently not.

Punkin I absolutely agree with you and I also breastfed. I never did it where it would make others uncomfortable. I know it's a natural thing and it doesn't really bother me but it does make others uncomfortable and some people forget that their rights end where other's rights begin. Aren't you blog guys glad you're not sitting in a closed room with Punkin and me today? Also what the heck kind of store calls itself the 'Love Sac'?

Here's a solution

anybody else read 'nederland' as 'neanderthal?'


Punkin, nice rant. I think it is not so much a lack of respect, but perhaps a tendency for some females to show off? On three separate occasions I have had women aquaintences who had recent cosmetic implant surgery pull up their blouses (with brassieres still in place though) and ask me what I thought. I stammered a positive response in each case. I live in Miami which means that, since they are so common here, I can spot upgrades from 3 blocks away and, sadly, find them increasingly more boring. Proud to be a nursing mom? Wonderful. Proud of your upgrades? Fabulous. Just don't poke me in the eye or squirt on me with those things.

The LoveSac is a little ol' place
where we will nurse togethah ah ah
LoveSac with your ba-aye-bees!

I cannot for the life of me see why anything as natural and as essential as breastfeeding can be offensive to anybody. I think the "offended" should seriously examine their values. If a glimpse of a female breast is considered evil, then small wonder we have pedophiles and sex offenders who have dangerously skewed feelings about women.

"Also, isn't Nederlands where you stick a finger in the dyke?"

Not unless you want to get slapped real hard.

This is the first time I've ever agreed with Mot on anything.

America - unclench already.

Alyzabeth -- I immediately had the same song running through my head.

Yo Go Girls! Whip those jubblies out! You show me them!

Annie, finally a breakthrough :-)

Mot - we're not talking about a glimpse - I was specifically referring to women who seem to make a show about it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled boobies jokes.

And we're specifically in favor of those women who make a show of it.

Dinner (for the kid) and a show? What could be better?

It's not the boobs that offend me -- it's often the drooling, burping, puking, whining, wailing suction devices attached to them. If your kids aren't housebroken, why drag them around the mall? A visit to Love Sac does not qualify as a necessary trip. Just because it's not (and shouldn't be) illegal doesn't mean it's appropriate.

/end geezer rant.

I cannot for the life of me see why anything as natural and as essential as sex can be offensive to anybody. I think the "offended" should seriously examine their values. If a glimpse of two people copulating is considered evil, then small wonder we have pedophiles and sex offenders who have dangerously skewed feelings about others.


You could also replace sex with defecating. The general public have as much desire to see someone breastfeeding in public as they do to see someone cop a squat or bang one out on the food court table top, both of which are not uncommon public behaviors in some cultures. This is not one of them, regardless how much some people want it to be.

As a geezer who formerly breasfed 2 little Coconuts, I agree with Punkin, Cindy, Mot, etc. I actually never did it in public (except once in a parked car), since it took two hands to manage the nursing bra even before getting the baby started...and I wasn't comfortable exposing myself in public before I could get a blanket in place. It would be nice, however, for nursing moms to have quiet places to breastfeed in public places like at Disney World. I had to use a ladies room at the Kennedy Space Center (yuck) and also used dressing rooms in department stores at the mall.

slightly askew:

rat own rat own rat own

mot (for those of you who don't know, mot does not live in the u.s. or even canada, he's like from this whole other place) seriously, there may be a cultural component that you're missing here. boobfeeding is not offensive, and breasts are not evil, and i don't molest women or children. however there is a whole list of morally neutral or even healthy body functions that i don't want to share with others, and don't want shared with me. it has to do with privacey and modesty cultural norms. those are not absolutes, nor are they universal.

d.b. pointed out(in dave barry does japan) that public nose-blowing, while perfectly acceptable behavior here in the u.s. might make your japanese guest sick to his stomach. maybe this boobfeeding thing is regarded differently in your part of the world?

OK already. I agree that breastfeeding is best for the child, and yes ya gotta feed it when it needs it. But, does this lady have to go on and on and on and on?
The less fuss ya make, the better for all. Just feed the kid and get on with it. Ya don't have to make a big production and draw undue attention to yourself!


I agree with the Japanese. Add clipping fingernails alongside blowing your nose on the list of actions you need to excuse yourself to the restroom to perform. *Tick* *Tick* *Tick*, each little piece of your dying body, together with whatever scud you've managed to scrape up in your daily activities, flying through the air, landing here and there. Maybe on my desk, maybe in my tea? Who knows? It makes as much sense as picking one's nose and flipping the resultant find around the office.

Don't they have Kleenex in Japan?


Nobody asked ME to leave the Love Sac when I let my boobies out. Course, I had no baby w/ me.

Up with Punkin's boobies!

I believe he was defeated by Mothra, bon.

Reminds me of my flight home from Atlanta,, final leg. The lady next to me just. would. not. shut. up. about the fussy baby that the mom was clearly doing everything in her ability to pacify. Finally I said to her, "Do you know the difference between you and that baby? That baby simply doesn't know any better." I wish I could have photographed her face.

Good god. A boob has primarily one purpose on earth that is truly useful (Insert arguments to the contrary here). Let it be.

Jeez, it was the LoveSac furniture that got me into this condition.

As Al Bundy once said, when Marcie said breast feeding is natural: "Pissing too, but I dont do it in public!"

So, no love when you expose the baby-feeding sac, then?

I figure if I don't want to see it (and it's not likely to threaten me) I just won't look at it. People talk a lot about other people not keeping their kids quiet. Well, no baby I've ever seen could be disruptively noisy with a nipple-filled mouth.

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