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August 16, 2010


Park officials in China have found a way to stop people from hogging their benches for too long - by fitting steel spikes on a coin-operated timer.

If visitors at the Yantai Park in Shangdong province, eastern China, linger too long without feeding the meter, dozens of sharp spikes shoot through the seat.


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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*Is once again glad she was not born in China.*


Ooooooh!!! Are there handcuffs too?

The spikes are too short to cause any serious harm - but long enough to prevent people from sitting on them comfortably.

Of course, there are probably people who would enjoy that. Or so I hear.

*waiting for Meanie's Shangdong comment*

I'm thinking if they had installed these things in the seats at school I would have paid closer attention.

Or pay toilets...

Steve - Boston has pay toilets that are on timers....if you don't finish your business in the alloted time, the door pops open to the world. THEN the stall emits a cleansing spray of water.

Bad for shy bladders.

It's a great opportunity for a Chinese capitalist to sell thick seat cushions with holes to fit the spikes.

What, are there no lawyers in China?

ahhh. crunchy frog....

Couldn't they just build more benches?

Actually this is is the first thing I thought of:

For those who haven't seen it: The scene everyone remembers is when a woman gets a gift of a pair of opera glasses; she looks through them and blades shoot into her eyes...

There is currently a controversy in St. Augustine about "poor homeless" or "aggressive panhandlers", depending on your point of view. Some of these "deposit bodily wastes" in the city, sometimes in full view of tourists. Some of these people work the street corners holding signs. They work in shifts. Bad for business.
One thing they do is occupy whole benches by stretching out or reclining under these public seats-for hours at a time. One theory is that they are waiting for someone to pay them to vacate.
This invention could be useful.

Rejected "24 " Plot: Beautiful office lady sitting on bench reading Vogue. Time running out. Will Jack Bauer get there in time ?

Am I the only one who thought that patrons using park bench could just forego paying to retract the spikes by laying a folded blanket or towel on the seat?

MOTW, I'm so ashamed to say my first thought was, "Do they vibrate"? *blushes and reminds self this is what happens when I skip Mass*

I love humanity...

nc, you should skip mass more often!

Communism at it's finest.

I'm sure those would be a hit in San Francisco...

I get the point...

Yeah bon, they can fill our dollar stores, but can't build more benches?

Another link on that page - the Testicle Festival. has a picture of grilling shish keballs. Coincidence?

I am imagining Itchy & Scratchy skewering the seated occupant and then flipping the surrounding grass to an open pit barbeque ... with the bench as the rotisserie. (ew)

These may become all the rage in dentist offices soon.

In the Schonbrun gardens in Austria, a famous feature of the water gardens are seats around a table. Each seat has a hidden pipe that spurts up a jet of water when triggered by a faucet at the head seat. The king of Austria was a real fun guy.

"ahhh. crunchy frog...."

I was thinking more of Spring Surprise: chocolate wrapped around two steel bolts that, upon the melting of the chocolate, spring outward and pierce the victim's cheeks

Those would work great in Congress. After one term, the spikes pop up! BRILLIANT!!

Guin -- Apparently this Belgian Duquesnoy was a fun guy too...

I'm sure I could have found uses for this back when we still had kids at home....

NurseCindy on way to church asks young boy, "Is mass out?"

Young boy responds, "No ma'am but your slip is showing."

Nursecindy, the Queen of the wenches,
was quite fond of raunchy park benches.
The spot that she liked,
vibrating and spiked,
was precisely right where her dear trench is.

Thank you for the poem, bonmot. I think.

Gee, I hope that they never get the idea here to have a coin timer on a park bench. They would use that to gain new revenue and so much for resting and looking at the scenery.

Sorry, nc. *Snork* @bon. Very pointñent.

When communist countries adopt capitalist economics, they often do what their propaganda said that capitalists did all along. This seems to be an example of that. In Russia, instead of trying to make a useful product that many people wanted to buy, many of them tried to become rich predatory monopolists.

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