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August 22, 2010


The French Coastguard has checked out a report of a crocodile in the English Channel and announced it was actually a piece of driftwood.

(Thanks to Ralph, who, to his credit, did not take the low road by suggesting that the French coast guard surrendered to the driftwood)


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Points to Channel: "Them! Them! Them!"

Oh wait, that was giant ants. Never mind.

Was the report made by a pirate with a hook for an arm? Cuz he's got issues.


Time to put the cork back in the bourdeaux, don't you think?


(RIP Steve Irwin)

'Kato? ..... Kaetooouu!! .... This is your employer speaking..... I am calling off the attack......'

Are we sure it wasn't an advertising stunt?


Eh, it was just the Loch Ness Monster on a holiday.

Maybe they did see a piece of driftwood, but the crocodile might still be out there, did they think of that?

Very true, Tash. I suggest they call the potato chip lady. I'm sure she could make some crocodile noises although the potato chips would get a little soggy in the English Channel.

For the chip lady.

"Eh, it was just the Loch Ness Monster on a holiday."

Croc Around The Loch?

Then French then introduced a motion to the U.N. that the driftwood be condemned for imperialism and expansionism.

Clearly, the English have made advances in driftwood technology that the French must spend billions of Euros to match. Or just buy a match.

*snork* at nc and SW

That's not driftwood, it's Jerry Lewis.

Syfy had Lake Placid I, II, and, I think, III this weekend. I watched none of them.
Is this a rerun or a remake?

Hey, at least something in France bathes. Non?

No one has tried to introduce a knock-knock joke yet?

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