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August 15, 2010


NAD also observed that in the advertiser’s commercials, which feature animated bears, a bear has numerous pieces of toilet paper left behind prior to using the advertised product, but is toilet paperfree after using the product.


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"..the advertiser relied upon rub testing.."

Who doesn't like a good dry rub on their meat?

Animated bears? Who's going to believe that? They need to get their @sses out in the woods and do some real testing.

Until then, I'm sticking with the pressure washer.

So the do-gooders, busybodies and professional social nannies are reduced to counting dingleberries...?

*headdesk* *headdesk*

Yeah, they claim "fewer pieces left behind (or on it)" which would imply that *some* pieces are left behind but the bears, after shitting in the woods appear to have *no pieces* left behind! That qualifies as false advertising. Also, one would have to train bears to use toilet paper in the first place, so it is a stretch to claim that bears prefer any particular brand of toilet paper for anything other than shredding in a rampage for beer and other camper foods and campers.

Been in the woods a lot and have yet to see a bear use any kind of paper, much less Charmin.

If pieces are left behind, where do they go? Is a bear's ass watertight? I know they do their own rub testing.

Why bears? That whole ad campaign is based on the old one-liner: "Does a bear **** in the woods?" Clever at first, it gets old after a while. P&G should give it a rest.

So, that's what Phil Harris was singing about in The Bare Bear Necessities!

Also, when NAD was asked, "Do you have a life?" no remnants were found.

I'm with you, Karen J. I'm all for independent testing, and keeping advertisers honest, but,

"Although a voiceover states that Charmin Ultra Strong leaves “fewer” pieces behind, NAD determined that the language is directly contradicted by the visuals, which depict no pieces left behind. NAD recommended that the advertiser avoid in future advertising depictions or language that convey the message that Charmin Ultra Strong leaves no pieces behind."

was a bit over the top.

After a camping trip to Tennessee in the early 90's ("the", not "my"), I brought back undisputed photographic proof that bears do sh!t in the woods. My wife and everyone else of the female persuasion said that taking a picture of said animal in the act was disgusting.
All the men asked me how I got the picture.
No toilet paper was in evidence.
For my next quest: is the Pope....?

LOL, Steve. Disgusting but funny. I'm guessing you had a telephoto lens.

Speaking of disgusting, the part of the commercial where they show tp all over the rear end of the bear - not pleasant. But at least it's not a viagra commercial. I wish we could vote commercials off the air. I think those would be some of the first to go.

uhhhhh...who cares?

"Save on legal fees . . ."?!!

The horror . . .

Dear Replica...If I ever want to conduct dialogue with a watch collection, I'll click you, for sure.

P.S. Dave, next time you're N a RB, remember the "Ursine Dingleberries" W definitely BAGN.

Dear Replica

Next time I feel the need for a cruddy imitation of a quality watch, I'll call you.


No jokes about the Klingons surrounding Uranus?

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