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August 16, 2010


The Blog will probably not be invited to host Shark Week.


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When you swim on the reef,
and you see great big teef,
That's a moray!

bmot, I was excited to use your line at the Boston Aquarium last week. We we watching the giant tank filled with mostly 'food?' critters, and some 'YIKES!' critters, when a slithery thing started to emerge from under a rock. The question was asked, "What's that?", and I knocked that puffball outta the park!

I hope you received all the appropriate groans.

My favorite in that vein is still, "A New Zealander man, with an all over tan, -- that's a Maori!"

At least Dave is trained to react appropriately in the event that frogpersons ever find the tunnel under the White House while he is president.

In the sea, no one can hear you Bmoogle. In a wetsuit, no one can see you pee.

Ah, but if you Bmoogle in your wetsuit, everyone knows you broke rule #1.

With people out there underwater who only want to cut your scuba line, I think giving everyone a knife to wear is kind of a bad idea.

bonmot - my fave is from my son at 3 years old:
"When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie,
That's an owie."

Moray eels look like Abe Vigoda on crack.

Abe Vigoda is still alive. So's that lobster probably, and still dining out on his tales of a first encounter of the BMOOGLE kind.

That's is exactly the sound I heard Richard Dreyfuss make at least twice in J**s. (Sounds like Lang had much better luck with his spear gun than Dreyfuss did, but he forgot to take along the cage - wow!) All the small fish off the island motated out when Bruce and the camera crew arrived, so we missed hearing the FWOOSH on the soundtrack. Thanks for filling in that gap with astute field observation skills!

The REAL purpose of the dive knife is so that when a shark appears, you can stab your dive buddy and while he’s bleeding and attracting the sharks’ attention, you can make your escape.

Is anybody else old enough to remember the dreaded "Sea Hunt syndrome"? In the show, whenever he was underwater, the soundtrack played his breathing. Over and over, until everyone watching was breathing along, in unison.
Then, when the guy cut his air hose and he couldn't breathe, why, you couldn't either and you strained and strained along with Mike, suffocating, until he finally defeated the bad guy and fought his way to the surface and then, BY GOD you could finally BREATHE!!! AND THE AIR TASTED SO GOOD!!
Oh, by the way, the ray was probably a manta. They're harmless.

I always liked the way that Mike Nelson would get caught in turbulence in every episode, which consisted mainly in Bridges spinning around corkscrew fashion as air was bubbling around him. Props to Ivan Tors, however, for the pioneering underwater photography.

I was more of a "Wild Kingdom" sort of gal. (Check it out at around 16:30 to see why I am never going near the Florida Everglades Snake Park ever ever ever....

I wanted to go to the Everglades until I found out it was so full of wild life.

If you want to see the most dangerous animal in the world, look in the mirror.


There are two types of divers: The ones who pee in their wet suits and the ones who lie about it.

Does the ocean seem kind of warm to you today?

Family joke: every time we get in a cold current, I tell my kids, "Oh, somebody didn't pee."

I snorkle. I finally found a sport the girls were made for.

My current wife and I went fishing in the Everglades a few years ago. Saw lots of tarpon. Didn't catch a snook (AGAIN). Saw a few gators (but we gots lots of those around Houston).

We did catch some mangrove snappers and one speckled trout.

Up to this point in my life, my favorite sea creature was Nemo...

Nemo has been degraded to second place. Next year, when my pool opens, I'm going down to the big sucking water drain, touch it, and continue to breathe in honor of brave divers everywhere.

Brillant piece Dave. Also, bonmot..keep singing.

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