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August 16, 2010


We etc.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Yikes - what caste is she from - the cast of Jersey Shore?

Slightly worse than Lipschitz, but in an anatomical way.

Pretty crappy name if you ask me.

+1 to Annie

And honestly, it's her FIRST name that intrigues me. How many Indian women named "Sheila" do you know? It's like her parents decided to combine two cultures into one name. "I'd like you to meet my friend, Pablo O'Hara."

Actually, Scott, there is a Bulgarian composer named Pancho Vladigerov. I've never heard any of his music though, too recent for me...

a friend of mine knows someone named sean cohen. that's too off balance for me!
and lipshitz changed his name from lippencocker.

Sheila's brother Dubbel has thus far shied away from the public eye.

...as has her dog, "Winky."

Sounds like they're trying to sandwich a lot into Delhi.

We had an attorney here in town that's last name was Julius Titty. My mom grew up with him and he suffered greatly in our small, southern town. He changed it to Teddy. I can't say that I blame him. My gyno's last name is Adcock.

They'd like a lot more people to say, "Hello, Delhi."

Did you notice the blurb right next to the article
about Minister Dikshit? It was about mentally disabled people.

A subtle message on her "claims"?

*snork* at nc!

So when the wuss needs attention, you're going to Adcock?

Teddy Titty?

nc, did he partner with Dr. Shakewell? So their ads would say, "Trying to get pregnant? Adcock and Shakewell is the answer."

i got tired of that restaurant. i went to a new delhi.

It's only Dikshit in Indian.

In American it's Peckerpoop.

Shiela Peckerpoop, of the New Delhi Peckerpoops.

What's with pic of the guys with condoms on their heads accompanying?

Her rap name is P-scat.

There's an ailment that afflicts many visitors to India, it's called Delhi belly and I guess the symptoms are self-explanatory. Suffice to say, Dikshit could probably adequately describe them as well.

I think my boss may be related to her family. He's a real Dikshit.

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