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August 23, 2010


This one's for all the mommies and daddies out there...*sniffle*


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judi? thank you. :-*

*goes home to snuggle Godzeera*

i don’t feel so good this august

i don’t feel so good this august
and the summer blew by
like some one's speaking
when i’m asleep

we had waffles in detroit
and visited the caves
bitched about the farmer’s market
and mowed the grass

the pool will close next week
yet i attended no baseball games
played no golf, never saw a beach
or even got sunburned

too fat to enjoy a barbecue
i ate sweet corn without butter
grasping at denial
as my kids continued moving out


shucks mud that's beautiful (as was dave's - and we thought the kindergarten years were tough...)

mrs p just dropped off our elder at 1st day of college. They did the traditional "Mom-clings-while-son-shoves-her-out-of-town" thing. I told her, "Don't worry honey, he'll miss us when he runs out of money."

My kid just called from college, he's out of money.


Almost as touching as that Wal-Mart commercial, in which the mom takes her daughter to the bus stop.

*SNORK* @ pad. I think that beat MY record.

LOL pad. True dat.

Very nice, mud!


Loved it, mud.

Dang it, judi, that is not fair to make my mascara run at the end of the day.

On my way out of my subdivision this morning, I passed two moms taking pictures of their kids, all ready for first day of school today. It was a nice way to start a Monday.

Nice mud. Padraig very funny but so true. I think I cried more when my kids went to school than they did. They grow up too fast. It's as if one minute you're complaining that they'll never sleep all night and the next you're standing on the porch wondering if they're going to come home that night! Then before you know it they're gone off on their own. Faster than the blink of an eye. Beautiful article, Dave.

(buys a drink for nursecindy)

Actually we cry twice. First when they start that long road to an education and second when they get that degree and move back in with mom and dad until they "find" their calling in life. Best bet, move while they are gone, do not leave a forwarding address.

my parents didn't do that; but they did repaint the house and change all the locks the first year i was away...

A colleague foaled his first about three weeks ago. I told him "You've just mashed down on Life's accelerator."

Last year was our first "Empty Nest" school year. It was difficult at first, and nice to see them both come home in May. Now, hubby and I are counting down the days till move-in h*ll -- but blessed quiet at the homestead.

Ah, school days. They're the happiest of your life, providing your kids are old enough to go.
My wife's mother was shocked one day when I told her my ideal was to raise my kids to the point where they don't need me anymore. She thought that was heartless and unloving.
I told her there was a difference between "don't need" and "don't want". And some day, not too soon (I hope), they will have to do without me.

Very touching. *sob*

Colleges have new programs to deal with theseparation anxiety of the parents.

i will see mine again @ thanksgiving.
for this



Me too!!! ;)

My graduate has moved back home for the moment, until she can get her dream job out on the left coast. I'm happy to have her home.

Thank you for the drink, mud. Ralph, they can close all the gates they want to but I can still climb a fence. Siouxie, remember daughters that move back home may have friends with single, good looking, rich, dads.

****WAAAAAAAHHHHH**** *sniff sniff*

Sam went back to college yesterday. He couldn't wait to go - it's "boring" at home. Jenny's a senior in high school this year. Man, I feel old. :(

Steve - this is EXACTLY right.

my ideal was to raise my kids to the point where they don't need me anymore

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