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August 17, 2010


Paris Hilton to vigorously defend bad hair day

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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"...she remains a staple on red carpets around the world"

You'd think they could get better-quality carpets that didn't need to be stapled.

or her constitutional right depending our one's affiliations (NTTAWWT).

Or a better quality staple, Braniff.

Maybe this one?

For some reason, I think of Paris Hilton as the lava of the social world. Kind of pretty, especially at night. But no one should touch it.

Hmmm. Judi forgot to edit Dave's headline. Guess she needs to update the old resume... Maybe a shcool district in NC needs someone with her experience?

Anyone here seen Steve?

Hair needs extensions now? What happened to good old battery power?

OMG! That's not her real hair??? Next you'll be telling me they use air brushing in some of the photos of models on magazines and that some female stars have implants.

I love the comment after the article. Like Madison Avenue has ever been dishonest. /sarcasm

She should counter sue, alleging the hair extensions adversely affected the brain underneath. There's lots of evidence to that effect.

Paris has done just about everyone. I wonder if she's done him?

I keep wondering why anyone pays attention to Paris anymore. Isn't she kind of boring by now? Wasn't she always kind of boring?

Very belated *SMACK* to bonmot for that picture. Talk about a mean streak!

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