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August 24, 2010


A New Orleans woman was jailed for ten days after she went to court in low-riding shorts which revealed her underwear.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I guess Snooki wasn't dressed well enough for jail.

Miss Senette was wearing knee-length shorts which revealed her pants and the top of her buttocks, according to a witness.

Them's sum pretty teeny pants.

Underwear? Low-riding shorts? Handcuffs?

This story has it ALL, baby!

In England, pants = underpants.

In England, underpants = knickers?

*SMACKS* Allen at Division back to reality so he can get some work done today.

Ewww, that was a picture I didn't have to see...

Whoa....Snooki is a woman?!?

I think this judge needs to turn his Guy Card in...right now.

Well, I guess having on underwear was something.

And they thought BP was a disaster. Plumber's crack is equal opportunity ugly.

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