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August 27, 2010


Bear invades Trapper Creek pizzeria, spills beer everywhere

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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big deal. i have three teenaged boys at home - you should see the rec room.

The ranger's not gonna *hic* like thish Yogi...

Actually I think the UN just passed a resolution siding with the bear. After all, it's not the bear's fault that it's so hard to hold onto mugs with those huge paws.

O the humanity!

*drinks in sympathy*

"The black bear that raided the pizzeria was shot inside the establishment and, before he died, ran across a bar counter and turned on all the beer taps. "I just had blood and glass and beer all over," the owner told The Frontiersman."

Blood and glass and beer, oh my!
And *snork* at the bear for turning on all the beer taps.

If more people carried handguns, this wouldn't have happened.

Evidently, the bar didn't have the right beer.

Oso ridiculous.

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