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August 18, 2010


Scientists Want to Bring Back LSD and Mushrooms

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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No way, man. Those lava lamps can be harmful.

By coincidence, I saw Peter Max this morning as I was walking to work. At least I assume it was him. Big mustache. Bushy gray hair (although every picture I can find of him shows him with short black hair). Driving a Jaguar with "PTRMAX" plates.

Wow, man...

Just as long as there are no paisley shirts, no tye-dying of anything, no pale blue suits or flared pants, and there is a maintenance of personal hygiene standards, I'm cool with it.
Peace out, man.

Lava lamps never left.

I dunno about bringing back LSD. I "experimented" fairly heavily and still, 16 years later, catch trails occasionally.

They're bringing them back? Where did they go?

Scientific papers of the future:

"Giving psychedelics to mental patients: What could go wrong?"

"Giving psychedelics to mental patients: Oh."

*volunteers to be a quality control inspector*

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Where did LSD go? I was unaware that it left. Wild pyschedelic colors haven't left. People and kids wear the colors in their hair.

well, faaaar out, dudes.

Duuude! The blog's melting!

the universe is askew!!!!!

LSD and Mushrooms are still fairly prevalent in my circle. Blotter has been replaced with liquid.

NO, I can't get you any.

Did someone 'break' the blog again?

Dammit! I hit preview!

I, personally, blame the drugs.

Dammit! I hit preview!

I, personally, blame the drugs.

Actually I was just getting ready to put a Lava lamp on Cr@igslist, but I'll give you guys first crack at it. *hee hee hee I said crack*

My eyes! My eyes! Someone smarter than me please fix the blog.


The more things change the more they....turn into Beatles albums in their prime.

Actually, the patients will still be depressed and all, but they will have a greater appreciation of rainbows and the general wowness of things.

"But if doctors were to use them to treat psychiatric patients in future, it would be important to keep doses of the drugs low."

How do you get lower doses than a dot on a blotter?

Ken, I naturally thought of you when I read this story.


I'm sad, but I can't remember why, and I don't give a damn now. When does the next show start?

Never seen walls breathe. Nope. Not me.

bon: neither have I...


What about platform shoes? I want those back too.

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