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August 31, 2010




(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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OK, about this global warming thing......

New Yorker Todd Baker...said “Stupid Alaskan Tricks” is being pitched to four networks.

...and in 2012, the muktuk eater will be a shoo-in for Dancing With the Stars.

Oh how cute.

Be honest, what else is there to do in Alaska but drink?

Jeff, I was just up there, and out in the country you can either run your dogs or dig a new latrine pit. So the dogs get a lot of attention.

Water skiing to Russia?

They have beauty pageants in Alaska, too, but that doesn't make it right (Sarah Palin notwithstanding).

Is your outboard a Purina® outboard?

They also do this in Alaska.

Sounds like fun if you can ignore that whole "Alaska is cold" thing.
"Ain't much of an excuse for a party (burp), but it's the only one we got."

"I've got an uncle in Alaska."


"Of course I know 'im."

"No, I mean 'Nome' in Alaska."

"Of course I know 'im in Alaska. I'd know him anywhwere. He's my uncle!"

Bah dump bump.

I'll be here all weeks folks! Tip the veal!

Try your waiter!

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