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August 17, 2010


Two Tone, Britain's legendary carp, has carked it.

(Thanks to catmanmax, who says "We're gonna need a bigger jar of tartar sauce.")


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I doubt if Mrs. Paul is mourning.

I'll betcha.

Sort of a carp diem?

Claims that Two-tone was romantically involved with a duck have been refudiated as a bass canard.

bring on the whitefish and pike for some GIGANTIC gefilte fish!

...and a much bigger boat.

Batter up?

Siezed the carp out of it.

"Angler Lee Jackson, 53, wrote a book called 'Just for the Record: My Quest for Two Tone', based on his SIX-YEAR pursuit of the fish.

He said: "I spent about 50 hours a week for six years trying to catch him before I did."

All that and he threw him back with NO fish fry? WTFBBQ?

You really don't wanna eat carp. Tastes like . . . carp.

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