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July 30, 2010


Candwich -- the sandwich in a can!

(Thanks to Larry Martell and ScottMGS)


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Reminds me of the cheeseburger in a can. The PB&J might not be too bad, if it's not soggy. But no meat sandwiches in a can, please. *shudder*

A family friend is returning from a year being deployed in Iraq. We wanted to make his return celebration special, so we ordered in MREs from an Army surplus source.

Sandwich in a can might be an upgrade.

I was hoping a Candwhich was a candy sandwhich.

I can't wait for the BLT and the Tuna fish salad versions !

NMUA: Thank your friend for his service. If he'll still speak to you after the MREs

Amusing notion. Looks like a gag. Note that the cans pictured have soda-type pop tops; kinda hard to get your sandwich through that hole intact. Once assembled, PBJ and bread have a limited shelf life before turning into a gummy mass. And if this were an actual commercial venture, you might expect the domain to be registered for more than 2 years (heck, I registered my personal domain for 10 years).

Pour in a Coke, stir and drink. Mmmm, smoothie.

Maybe it's in a liquid form? Yuck.

Is that like Jeannie in a Bottle?

Big deal. Spam has has the market on this for years.

That BBQ chicken one looks especially delightful in a can.

Can squirrel in a can be far behind ?

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