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July 26, 2010


This blog retorts: Eh?

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Salty Sponge On A Stick WBAGNFARB.

Anal way I'm payin' to look at that sh*t.

Is it a buttcrack hands-on exhibit?

You're all just jealous because we don't have low flow toilets. We only go for large calibre, heavy duty flush toilets that will take care of anybody's business.

I think I've used a corn cob. Only on the label, it said "Scott's".

Does her majesty the Queen prefer over or under the falls? Cuz you Canucks gotta roll it her way. Neener.

Haha, urine a lot of trouble. So funny I had to hold Uranus.

So ... 1,100 to 60?

Merely goes to show that the vast majority of folks votin' have never been bothered by logical thought or a critical analysis of proper technique ...

I could reprint my dissertation on the subject here ... but I won't ...

Bet that's a load off yer ... um ... "mind" ... eh?

Whichever way it ends up when you take it out of the package.

Is there and exhibit commemorating Dave's failed run at the presidency? As I recall his only issue was doing away with low flow toilets. We built our house in 1994, the first year those things were mandated and believe me, he had my vote.

Excuse me, AN exhibit. I swear to God I could type better if I only had 2 fingers per hand.

Sponge on a stick, corn cobs, mussel shells?? ouch

Oh, and over the falls here

I would love to go there.

An old joke about Boldly Going Where No Had Gone Before involved
Circling Uranus in Search of Kingons

didn't say it was a good joke

Oh, here's an "L"

We're sorry, this exhibit is out of order.


Mussel shells?

No mention of people who blog while on the throne?

Hammy, that's where I stopped reading.

Dave's Canadian toilet rant is here.

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