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July 28, 2010


Lawnmower on a stick.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I think I dated him once.

That's not how everybody does it?

I mean, he's not even up on a ladder or anything.


See, guys get things done.

"I hate doing anything, really."

We can tell...

So how was he in the sack, Nursecindy? Siouxie axed me to axe you.

Now that's a man's man. Lucky gal, cindy.

Let's see him tackle this job.

Whoa ! Thats a hedge Ralph.

My wife was disgusted once when I used my wood working tools to remove a callus on my heel. Called me a redneck and all. One should use a pumice stone or something similar that takes three days instead of ZIP and it's gone in three seconds.
To please her, I went to a dermatologist and asked the doctor what was the best way.
"I recommend power tools," she said, "I prefer a rotary sander."
Hmm. A redneck, woman doctor. With a workshop.

You know he believes in the right to bear arms. Har. Ya needs ya some 22 ainch guuns.

25 some years ago I bought my first house with about 100 ft of hedges. I talked to the neighbor across the road and he worked for the farmer that had owned the house. They would trim the hedges with a lawnmower. They took the wheels off the deck and stuck pipe through the holes. Then pick it up with one guy on each side and trim the hedges. NUTS!!!!

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