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July 29, 2010


Man tries to cash forged check for one million dollars at a bank's drive-through window


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I'm guessin' he's single, ladies!

From the look of him, it could have been an honest mistake. He just started writing zeros and got distracted...


I'll take a million to go and a side of fries.

Most surprising part of this story? We still got banks with drive-up windows.

That are open . . .

That guy owes me money.

Not quite as inspirational as Hepburn and O'toole in "How to Steal a Million". It's the Indiana version.

looks like bob geldof has fallen on hard times...

The Wendy's drive through takes my million dollar checks, no problem.

Now I know why my bank drive-up ATM has a Braille keypad. They were waiting for Prince Charming there to get blind drunk....

Yea ... I'd say that alcohol was involved. Maybe a few squirrels.

"Speak Fido!"

What Siouxie said.

And she obtained Johnson's driver's license and made a copy of it before Johnson left.

What a genius.

And *snork* at insomniac's Bob Geldof comment.

maimzini: we even have drive-up banks in Brooklyn.

The whole problem is that he wanted it in tens and twenties. If he would have taken hundred-thousands or half-millions it would have been OK.

Graduated top of his class in Charm School.

If the guy he worked for actually gave him a blank check and told him to name his price, he's innocent of anything besides stupidly thinking he could get that kind of cash at a drive-through window. The account holder, on the other hand, may have committed fraud by not having sufficient funds to honor a contract, idiotic or not.

Lawrence Hollow Estates = mobile home park

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