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July 30, 2010



(Thanks to lairbo)


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Even better than the People and shark Mover!

Looks like something out of The Horizons Pavilion from EPCOT Center.

Paging Elroy Jetson...

Y'know, Washington D.C.'s traffic is maybe even worse than Seattle's, so here's my plan:

1) Install Commutapult in DC.
2) Issue free passes to all Senators and Representatives.
3) Once in use, a little selective re-aiming, maybe a booster rocket or two, and one morning we'll wake up and find all our problems solved!

I'm holding out for a Futurama-style tubeway.

I can see the billionaires standing below with shotguns. "Pull!"

If they are trying to sell this there, maybe someone should try to sell them a monorail...

Oh, wait. You say that there is already a monorail in Seattle?


Thx Lairbo--
This Mark Selander guy demonstrates one way visually creative types can market themselves. Good stuff.

Good idea. Climb into a rock and get launched into the air with a bunch of other rocks flying about.

Who needs a landing funnel in DC, pad, just drop 'em into the Potomac. No fuss, no muss. I'd pay to watch.

Don't they already do this with airplanes?

I'm sorry but if I've been catapulted through the air I don't think I could sit back,relax, and read the newspaper. I might need to USE the newspaper but not read it.

they are having wayy to much coffee in seattle.

Still waiting for my personal jet pack that Popular Science promised was coming...

Loudmouth, isn't the Potomac polluted enough already?

That's what the booster rockets are for, get 'em out to the deep ocean.

I think we need to perfect the air freight version first

Ane remember,

We have a fawless safety record.

Typing record, on the other hand...

I have a veeeerrrryyy bad feeling about this...

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