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July 31, 2010


 Investigators have caught up with the repentant, would-be thief who was caught on tape as the manager of a cellphone store talked him out of robbing her, saying he should seek Jesus instead.

Broward sheriff's deputies say the man, now identified as Israel Camacho, 37, of Coral Springs, apologized profusely and left empty-handed -- but later strolled into a Payless shoe store a few miles away and robbed it at gunpoint.

On his way out the door last Friday, he said to his victims, ``God bless you.''

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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WWJD? Not this, numbnuts.

Her talk about saving his sole didn't translate well.

Good one Loudmouth. Maybe he figured Jesus didn't shop at Payless.

Well, they don't sell these at Payless, do they cindy?

Though they do sell sandals... .

I bet he got paid less.

Jeff, I wish! I looked at that particular pair of Louboutin shoes and they were almost two thousand dollars on their website.

Rob one, get one robbery half off at sentencing.

Or you could start your head spinning a la Linda Blair and spew green stuff all over the room and see if the robber left any faster. Your choice.

On the videotape, the robber made it sound like he was only doing this so he could avoid being kicked out of his house/apartment, but the article said he was a serial robber. Then again, maybe he only robs when he's out of money, and that happens a lot?

I don't know. My sympathy for someone who sounded desperate ebbed away once I found out he did this a lot. Besides, there are usually places where people can get help.

I guess that since the robber didn't encounter a gun-toting (legally or not) citizen in CHL-friendly, heavily-armed Florida during the course of his crime spree, he figured that the Lord was on his side...

Business is buainess.

The perfect ending to the story would be if he robbed a church later. I'm on the Highway to Hell!

I've got to get glasses. The first time I read this I thought the first store he ran out of was a cellophane store.

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