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July 22, 2010


Now: Shampoo.

(Thanks to bonmot and  catmanmax)


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Officials allowed it to continue on under one conditioner.

French shampoo - lather, rinse, retreat.

We can only hope the French will use it... perhaps under their arms, too.


Good one, Annie!

The cars were all left shiny and manageable.

We had a truck carrying "bag balm" (think industrial-grade skin softener for cows) wreck on the main road through the county.
Until the police slid up, it was Christmas in July. Many people ran into old friends. It was a banging good time. (Insert low-grade slick road joke here).

udderly mooving, steve

Key archive quote: "The train now arriving on platform one is on fire. Passengers are advised not to board this train."

But if Champoux is on the track, it usually means there's icing or offsides.

I saw that, oneblankspace. LOL. "Mind the fire trap."

But surely the shampoo was encased in 3- ounce, ziplock bags?

*Le snork* @ Annie!

Good one Annie. btw, I think that's my brand.

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