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July 30, 2010


Naked trampoline man avoids jail sentence

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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There's some justice in this world after all.

Burden pleaded guilty to a single charge of publicly exposing his person in a shameless and indecent manner

Brits made weenie wagging sound so much classier, don't they?

"His person"?!? Is that what they call it now?

To not to offend anyone have no neighbors.


Loudmouth <- *snork*

When I was about six years old I came out of the bathroom nekkid after a bath and began jumping up and down on the bed. It took about two jumps for my little six year old "boys" to slam against my leg and that was the end of the jumping. So this guy never learned that?

OK, I wasn't six, I was thirty-six, but still.

Layzee, you had six year old "boys" at 36??

Poor poor dear...

Hey, naked trampoline man,
Rub one out for me
I'm not sleepy and
I need some entertainment.
Hey, naked trampoline man
Rub one out for me
In a couple minutes
Cops will be all over you.

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