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July 27, 2010


Big Bone Lick State Park in Boone County will be receiving some improvements.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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So which of the blogettes are founding members (hah!) of the "Friends of Big Bone"?

A new Interpretive Center. Good. Cuz you're gonna have to interpret "Big Bone Lick" for most of this blog.

^ point proven

Are the "Friends of Big Bone" known informally as the Big Boners?

I refuse to jump on this and go back and forth. I will not go down to your level. I just won't swallow my pride lick like that. So don't try to make me come around.

Hey, I got your Big Bone right here.

"Salacious Punkin" WBAGNFARB!

*spits & snorks* @ BFF!!

Spitters are quitters. Jus' sayin' . . .

Some of the money should be used to improve the restrooms, where most of the activity of that kind takes place.

They specialize in old bones. Geezers are pleasers.

New wood columns near the church...tsk, tsk. Not judging, just tsk-ing.

Tsk, tsk.

Sponsored jointly by Viagra, Alzheimer's Awareness Day, and Viagra.

So they wanted to make Big Lick even Bigger. But instead they decided to, um, display it better.

Now, what was that, again?

And they have a root cellar! But apparently that little erection needs some help staying up.

Words cannot describe how much y'all amuse me. Really, we need to take this show on the road!

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