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July 28, 2010


Start drinking now.

(Thanks to Mr. Jeff Arch)


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I think the ones we should worry about are the ones they don't know about yet.

Isn't 2183 when the Social Security system going to run out of money? Woo Hoo!

I think there's enough time to settle my affairs between now and then.

ala Dr. Strangelove, I volunteer to go into a prepared mine, where the woman to guy ration is 20 to 1. Imagine 20 women to run my life...on second thought.....I don't volunteer

i'm more worried about falling mountain goats now.

Ha ha, the joke's on the asteroid, we'll all be dead already in December of 2012, remember? Didn't you people go see the movie?? Neener, neener...

How long before the wingnuts blame this on Obama?

France has surrendered.

I blame interglactic warming.

^ that would be intergalactic wouldn't it?

I knew it was too good to last.

*Opens blog bar.*

I think my chances of being dead before then are pretty good.

By the time it hits, there'll be a Starbucks on it.

I've got a 2 drink head start. Be prepared, that's my motto.

NASA already blamed it on Bush.

We just have to keep Bruce Willis alive until then. I think I could make some room in my freezer, he may stay there.

NotSherly, thanks for taking the time to meet us in NY. It was great meeting you.

By the time it hits, there'll be a Starbucks on it.
Posted by: Clankie | July 28, 2010 at 07:41 PM

Clankie, the Starbucks will be right next to Walmart and a home improvement store.

I'm gonna need more boxes of wine....

This might sound like a radical idea, but we're fine as long as we push it away after 2080. It seems like our current system gives plenty of warning, after all.

Send Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck.

Hi Mot, it was so nice to meet you and Mrs. the Hoople. I am glad you came to NYC, hiking capitol of America.

If we started, say, this weekend, we could hike to 1999 RQ36 by August.

Who's in?

I'm in! What's 1999 RQ36?

I hope it's a BBQ place.

It's a hoppin' little asteroid on the Upper West Side of the solar system (see posted article ^)

Ledud. One woman running your life or 20 women running your life. What would be the difference?

I'll take my assteroid anywhere you crazy people are!

Yeah NotSherly, I've still not recovered from Meanie's 6 mile guided tour of Central Park added to 5 days of hiking in Yellowstone. My feet are saying "you call this a holiday?"

I thought NASA was busy reaching out to muslims?

Lay in a big supply of Preparation H for an assteroid that size. Ouch.

I wonder if that day will fall on a Monday? How appropriate!

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