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July 29, 2010


Nissan to pump breathable vitamin C into car to help moisturise driver's skin

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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If the offering was from Toyota, I'd worry about the system braking, err, breaking.

"deactivate ticks" -- as in "putting biting insects to sleep", or as in "making my eye stop twitching"?

Or maybe even "disbarring lawyers"? (Heaven forbid!)

What's the difference between a lawyer and a tick?

At least a tick'll drop off you after you're dead.

A Nissan Scentra?

Just what I need....to be "moist" when driving...

(I believe that's how I ended up with Poolet #2)

What kind of car, Punkin. It's important.

I'll bet I know the song though -- "Poolet vous coucher avec moi".

Plasmacluster Ions - WBAGNFARB

"the system will also be able to detect various other bad smells - such as from animals and factories - and will automatically switch the ventilation on if required."

Wow, if it could do this when Mr. Coconuts farts, I'm sold!

Wouldn't moist skin be more receptive to bacteria ? This could be a plot to thin the herd.

Anita Bryant is going to have fits about this.

Deactivated ticks has to be the name of some rock band. It just sings to me.

Ok, so where do we put the oranges?

"...'friendly' speedometers that will remind you of wedding anniversary dates or birthdays."

GREAT! Another calendar to keep updated!

*wonders if he can put PMS schedule in there*

BP will oil you up for free no matter what car you drive.

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Will new Toyota have this vitamin c?

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