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July 27, 2010


It is looking bright.

Key Quote: "The police  showed up after a few minutes and basically congratulated us on being awesome."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Dude! Soon we'll have no rights left at all.

bot blocked.

'Splain, please

Much like the couch, your post was too awesome to be allowed, bonmot.

bon, some college students invented a motorized couch. I think they should have included the motorized beer cooler to go with.

College Students Create Motorized Couch, Invention Banned Instantly



24 year old Homer? "Dude, 6 years of school, down the drain."

It was only a loveseat, not a couch...men are always lying about size.

Looks cool and comfy. Good idea.

Glad to see our academic institutions are actually teaching something useful.

Sofa, so good?

Hovercouch. A natural Lawn Ranger parade accompaniment.

The future belongs to people such as these.

I would have appreciated one of those instead of a back seat....at the drive-in...

They should now join the lawn-mower guys at the next walk down PA avenue in D.C, don't ya think?

. . . and people say America doesn't make anything anymore!

Sounds divan.

"I'm not getting you a beer. Drive over and get it yourself!"

So....where's the remote?

Needs the wheeled cooler-trailer with a couple of inline skaters on tow-ropes skiing off the back. And a plasma screen tv where the rear view mirror goes.

Happy to see they squeezed an unidentified female between them for their picture on the love seat. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea, after all. NTTAWWT.

I want one.

And no, I'm not a guy.

Does it come in a convertible?

BYU just trashed its reputation as a party school.

Bring 'em Young? Isn't that where Michael Jackson went?

I thought Mormons frowned on pre-marital love seats?

suite ride...or at least part of one...

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Siouxie and wingnut - It's BYU, which explains the lack of beer cooler and the 24-year-old college student. Alcohol is not part of the LDS lifestyle, and time out from college for a mission is the standard. Just good, clean, Mormon fun!

Shellann -- why do you always invite two Mormons to go fishing with you?

Because if you invite just one, he'll drink all your beer.

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