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July 26, 2010


Angry cows attack walkers in French Pyrenees

(Thanks to Michael)


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France has surrendered.

"Moooooooove said the cow." The people did not move and completely ignored Elsie like she was speaking a different language. The cow trampled them to death. "I had to do it," she said.

"The hills are aliiiive, with the sound of mooooooosic!"

Oh, and bloodcurdling screams.

How exactly do they know the cows were angry? Maybe the French people were jsut standing where they wanted to go.

Actually, this once happened to my wife in England. The cows were walking down the road towards us but she was convinced they were about to attack her.

You can tell a cow is angry when she tosses you in the air, then stomps on your body when you land. And yes, cows attack.

"Fetchez La Vache"!!

French: "Le quit"

They were probably trying to "tip" them, duh.

There are a lot of promising links from this page (like the Beaches in Paris), but don't bother with the Lycra Files, it is misleading. Apparently, they were going to can the French soccer team, for their lousy showing in the World Cup, but they had already surrendered.

Qu'est-ce que "EAT MOR CHIKIN"?

Cows have lactose intolerance.

Such udder nonsense is no cause for rumination.

How bad can it get for the French? Even their cows beat up on them.

Duh, anyone knows that happy cows live in California, not France...

Quel dommage fromage.

I thought it was the fleas that tease in the high Pyrenees.

The Cows are stll mad that Contadore did not wait for Andy Schleck when he dropped his chain during the Tour De France stage in the Pyrenees a couple few days ago.

Bovines of Death WBAGNFARB

French cows are no match for English killer cows.

I thought we would want someone to attack Walkers.

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