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July 30, 2010


Over in England, they're eating squirrels. But not everybody is happy about it.

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig and queensbee)


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First to shudder?

Yeah, I'm guessing that, among those not too thrilled, would be the squirrels - probably only slightly less happy about it than Viva.

"...happy to have the blood of a beautiful wild animal on their hands..."

Beautiful!?! It's a large rat that has evolved a bushy tail so that the immediate response to its presence is not to crush it with a boot.

We hillbillies are somewhat befuddled by the controversy. Though I never developed a taste, squirrell was one of my grandmother's favorite foods. It should be also noted that squirrels in the wild are rather difficult to spot, unlike the ones you see in backyards and parks (at least the ones in WV were). Difficult to imagine how someone could sneak up and club one, even the more domesticated ones. My two labs can vouch for that.

They run slower and are more careless in England because not many can keep a gun. Maybe club avoidance will evolve. If things continue as they are we might be eating Wagu squirrel as well.

Does it come in a canned form? With bun?

wv, I went squirrel hunting exactly one time. Bagged half a dozen, total meat was approximately equal to three and a half Chicken McNuggets. Compare that to the rabbit hunting I'd already been doing since I was 10 years old, where bagging your limit would give you food for a family of four for a fortnight, and it's not hard to understand why I gave up on it.

Yes, fortnight in the above paragraph was used solely as gratuitous alliteration. I don't use it in daily conversation. "Rods to the hogshead" however...

Rats with good PR.

If you know how to prepare it, squirrel is pretty tasty. (Fried squirrel, with fried potatoes, green beans and squirrel gravy. Mmmm.)

Although in the Ozarks we preferred .22 rifles to clubs. My weapon of choice was a single-shot Savage .22, which my parents bought me for my ninth birthday.

I've still got the Savage. Really ought to take it to the range one of these days; it's been far too long since I've last fired it.

As for the controversy, I'm reminded of a conversation I had years ago with my then-college roommate's younger sister. Nancy wanted to know how one could possibly shoot something as "cute" as a squirrel or rabbit. She was not amused at my response: "Well, first you load the gun..."

Wes S. you would fit right in with my family in Georgia. That was the same answer I got from one of my cousins when I asked him how he could shoot something as cute as a deer. I live in the country and frequently have deer, squirrel, rabbits and wild turkeys in my backyard. My dad warned me to never mention this to the cousins in GA. otherwise I will wake up and find all of them sitting on my back porch with their shotguns loaded.

Actually, they taste pretty good.

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