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July 24, 2010


The six-blade razor.

(Thanks to Guin)


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"ShaveMate is really a lifestyle change" from all that, Lou says. "It's a shaving revolution."

How can a razor be a 'lifestyle change'? Of course if you have so many blades it actually cuts your head off I guess that would be a lifestyle change. Or if a man shaves other places, iykwim, it could definitely be a lifestyle change if the razor slips.

Simple way to stop the madness - stop shaving. I did over 30 years ago.

I'm guessing that if it peels the skin from your face in razor-wide strips, your lifestyle will definitely change. You'll become a face donor.

Dave of course wrote a column about a four-blade razor shortly after the three-blade razor was first mass marketed. Since judi has not posted that column where we can easily find it, she will of course be fired.

(proposes jWOCBF for a new acronym for the blog)

oneblank - check Dave's daily calendar for yesterday.

Kudos to SNL. The six blade razor: because you'll believe anything.

Dave's "Blade Inflation" piece is here.

I prefer the Schick Slim Twin; it's the only disposable razor I know of with a button to clean the crud out from between the blades, which is particularly useful when you don't have running water (camping, etc.). Naturally, it seems to have been discontinued in favor of supernumerary blades that give a closer shave but cost far more per shave, especially when they clog faster with the blades closer together.

The Schick Quattro came in a battery-powered vibrating version. I'm waiting for a gasoline powered razor that can be converted to a mini chain saw for really tough beards.

I was just thinking, "didn't Dave write a column about this several blades ago?" and presto!

Thanks for doing the work, guys.

SNL did this first in 1975 by creating a fictional 3-blade razor, the Triple-Trac, when real-life models had only two. Shame on the writer for not picking this up, and more shame on Will Farrell and SNL for cannibalizing their predecessors 30 years after the fact.

Did you ever see how much a pack of 3 blade refills cost? 6 blade refills are probably about the GNP of a small country. I went back to my 30 year old Norelco, the one Santa rides on.

Real personal pet peeve workin' here.

I'm with Ralph on the Schick Slim Twin. I liked the clean out the crud feature, and it pivoted, which was another feature that actually worked, but more importantly, it WAS slim; it would reach the under my nose so I could elimate the nascent Hitler mustache.

The blades nowadays all have that damn goop strip that makes them too fat to shave off Der Fuhrer.

It only a matter of time before we have the counter revolution - a single bladed razor marketed on simplicity.

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