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July 29, 2010


Beer laced with cheese helps sexual performance

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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And in other important brewery news: I ask you, would this ad make you buy more beer or not?

Must be one of those hard cheeses.

Jeff, was there beer in that ad? I didn't notice.

I'll take another slice of Weiss, please.

from jeff's ad:One unnamed campaigner said: "There is no genuine connection between beer and naked women.

one's last belief destroyed...

Extra sharp cheese and beer, yum!

I'll have some wine with that beer, por favor!

Got one comment "burp"

*plans trip to Austria*

Two more beers, and I'm gouda go!

Do those come with deckles (beer mats) to sop up the drool?

You would think that this would have been discovered in Wisconsin.

But Caroline Kroepfl, spokeswoman for the Hirter brewery in Austria, replied: "The poster shows three self-confident beer drinkers."


What a feta compli.

Are they using pecorino?

Or longhorn?

Why is the cow still laughing?

There IS a connection between beer and naked women. First you have to get the women to drink the beer, in most cases A LOT of it. Enough to where you start looking good to them. The naked part comes after that.

I have heard that beer will, if you drink enough, will cause a woman to appear thinner and younger as the night goes on. Just saying.

Happy cows come from bars in California.

Tastes great! More fulfilling!

I often have cheese with my beer. It's usually on top of dough and tomato sauce.

Same here NS.

Is the.
when you're screwing more than one!

Original by Lena Horne, no less.

Beer helps lots of performances. A cheese wheel might have protected this guy.

a night on the tiles?

What a friend we have in cheeses.

Anyone for a Labatt's Bleu?

How about a St. Andre Girl?

Bed her with cheddar!

Rolling Roquefort?

Tastes gouda, less feeling!

Dave has some 'splainin' to do.

Behold! the power of cheese!

Annie that's a great picture. I'm sure Dave was just doing a promotional spot for Cheez-Its. Yeah. That's it. He is the new promotional person.

So serve beer to Kraft-y singles?

You see a promo guy. I see a beer-cheese addict....with a dark side. Probably a dark blue side.

Keggers lead to preggars.

But I guess that's always been true.

OT/ I'm off to San Diego tomorrow to watch my son play in a college recruiting soccer tournament (Yes, I'm very proud). Anyone got any suggestions on fun people to do and places to meet in San Diego?

What they call research, we in Wisconsin call "lunch."

Hey bon, isn't AnnieWHBH out in the land of fruits and nuts.....uh, I mean California...tho she may be in LA, not SD.

I thought so too, Coconuts. Let's see if she chimes in.

If you used head cheese, would you get head cheese head on your beer?

I'm near LA, not SD. Seaworld is fun. There are other things to do, but you need at least 3 rolls of duct tape, some bail money, and the home # of a good defense attorney.

bonmot, if you do as Annie suggests (the other things) please take pictures and post them.

Also many congratulations to your son and best wishes to him.

Thank you, nc.

And I note that San Diego is a short run from the border, in case I decide to take up Annie's advice.

Be careful bonmot - it's skeet season down there.

The heat index in Houston tomorrow is supposed to be 109 degrees, and not that fancy Celcius kind. (I'm stealing the "Celcius" phrase from somebody else on the blog -- kudos to someone.)

San Diego, on the other hand, has had its coldest July since 1933. Expected daytime highs: 68. Nightime lows: 63.

Houston has great weather -- except for the next six weeks. I'm happy to get away (and the soccer will be better at cooler temps), but I'll still trade six weeks of searing heat to be able to swim comfortably in the Gulf of Mexico on Halloween.

bon - if the weather gets better, Black's Beach (unofficial nude beach) fits in with the topic of the post. Or for more traditional tourist fare, the "World Famous San Diego Zoo" really is pretty impressive. And Balboa Park has nice gardens and museums. Or if you like history, Old Town. Lots of active fun like hang gliding, sea kayaking, diving, and such.

Thanks, shellann.

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