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July 28, 2010


'Vuvuzela-maddened' man rams bar with car

(Thanks to Jim Banholzer)


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Couldn't take the noise.

Was he having a hearing test in the psych ward?

The vuvu-revelers weren't ignoring his shots they just couldn't hear them.

Is there an online site where we can contribute to his defense fund?

I'm going the MLS All Stars v. Manchester United match tonight here in Houston.

Reliant Stadium has announced in big bold letters, NO VULVAZULUS ALLOWED!

Most of the English Premier League stadia also have announced vulvazulu bans.

Sanity restored.


Maybe vuvuselas can replace waterboarding.

Bonmot - are the signs really spelled "vulvazulus"? Because that's just hilarious.

No. I made that part up.


I'm not sure why the defendant is facing "tests in the psychiatric ward;" that seems like a sane and logical response to me, under the circumstances.

Besides, he fired warning shots. So I'm thinking he has a valid defense...

What kind of car was he driving that allowed him to hit the bar 3 times??

At least he fired warning shots.

Siouxie! Mot would never fire the warning shots up in the air! He would have just shot the vuvuzelas out of their hands.

I'm off to the match!

72,000 seat Reliant Stadium is sold out!

Kickoff's not til 7:30, but traffic's gonna be horrendous.

Vuvuzealots persecuted.

Thousands cheer.

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