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July 29, 2010


Md. man sentenced for stealing library's tarantula

(Thanks to bonmot and Guin)


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Frankly, he's welcome to it.

... gotta wonder what a library's doing with in the first place ...

I'm glad that our boa hasn't been taken from the his or her home around the Code of Federal Regulations.

One library tried to make the transition fish in a tank to gerbils. It didn't go too well, mostly because the gerbils declined to use the SCUBA gear.

Oh what tangeled webs we weave, when we first begin to deceive . . .

Rest assured, there are still vipers at the DMV.

You'll get my tarantula when you pry it from my de....... Wait a minute. Isn't that a spider?? You can have it.

The UK is being warned about a tarantula invasion by an army of two.

Now who's in the cage?

LM --
The position was outsourced. I would put a remote control tarantula in its place and let it out occasionally.

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