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July 30, 2010


Approximately 8,500 years ago, in what archeologists now call The Sixties, I played in a band called the Federal Duck. We were a bunch of guys from Haverford College who played all over the Philadelphia area at all kinds of functions -- dorm mixers, frat parties, weird Sixties events involving not entirely legal activities and substances, etc. The song we always played first was "Just Like Me," the hit by Paul Revere and the Raiders, which was a great opener because (a) it has only four chords, the sequence of which never changes, and (b) it kicks ass.

Years later, as a columnist at the Miami Herald, I got into a mail correspondence with Mark Lindsay, who was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders before embarking on a solo career that continues to this day. He's a funny man, and we stayed in touch, off and on. A couple of days ago he emailed to say that he'd be performing Thursday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as part of the Happy Together Tour, an oldies revue that also features Micky Dolenz, the Buckinghams, the Grass Roots, the Turtles, and a killer backup band. Mark asked if I'd be interested in getting on stage with him for "Just Like Me." Of course I said yes. Here's the video. (Thanks to judi.) I'm the guy in the brown T-shirt trying to remember what order the four chords go in. Note the psychedelic pattern being projected behind the band to indicate grooviness.

Anyway, I had a great time. For a few minutes there, I felt as if I was back in the Sixties. All that was missing was a frat boy vomiting on my amp.

But seriously, Mark: Many thanks, and rock on.

Dave and mark


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"Just Like Me" has a fourth chord?
Congrats... although I thought Florida law required that all your pictures involve a blue shirt.


We saw Mark Lindsay headline at an oldies concert at Town Hall in March. Too bad Dave wasn't available to join him then.

*goes to warm up the geezer bus*

So, is the "Just Like Me" thing referring to your matching haircuts?

I think I saw you play a different chord at least once.

That is SO cool. Did he give you a ride in his GTO?

Gotta love Mark wearing the Original 'Puffy Shirt'!

Awesome Dave! You look so happy you might just explode.

Cool Dave, You really enjoy joining other bands and playing with them. I remember Paul Revere and the Raiders.

someone told me that if you actually remember the 60s you werent there. i forget. what was teh topic?

I guess after all these years Mark's pirate shirt didn't retain its whiteness.

Must find ruffled shirt...

You both look really good for...um...musicians.

Give my best to The Fluorescent Leech and Eddie (aka the Turtles).

Wow. Major flashback to when the world was bright and new and, for a teen aged hick from Jasper, Daytona Beach was magic.

And his Daveness STILL has his 60's haircut!

Dave STILL has his 60's hair. NTTAWWT
Hi, Mark! Come back to LA soon!

Dave, that's so cool. I played drums in a rock band in the 60s, we were called the Satires and although the drumming was good we were worse than awful. Our biggest gig was playing at the pigeon club's annual shindig.

What with the Botox and the Bosley, it's like a Night at the Wax Museum.

I was in the Tomboys in the nearly '90's. We were on A&M Records, and hung out with Rodney Bingenheimer of KROQ because he made us look tall. He had hair almost as nice as Dave's.

Where The Action Is. Dave's two tone sunburst Strat is Just Like Mine. Tommy James Kicks Dave's butt and it's a Good Thing Paul is there to protect him. I'm Hungry. I have an Indian Reservation at Spagos with Louis Louie. I can almost taste it. It gives me Fever. Yi-yi-yi-yi-yi Louie Louie, oh baby, I gotta go.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Gotta love the Pirrrrrrrrrrrrate shirt!!

Sounded and looked great, ya geezers rockers!

*looks forward to the next issue of 'tiger beat'*





Happy Birthday, Lairbo!

insom: i was just talking about tiger beat to my son. and he was like, What?!? i explained that tiger beat had much dreamier pictures than 16, and much more in-depth TRUE interview stuff like their favorite colors and how they like to walk on the beach and all that. but mostly it was the dreamy pictures that did it for me. the stars were often staring directly into the cam ... i mean, directly at ME.

Nice chords, Dave.

Yes, Dave - both of them.

judi - they were staring dreamily at ME, not you. ;)


I just KNOW that Donny Osmond was lusting after staring at ME!

I used to buy both 16 and Tigerbeat! Those posters were sooooooooooooooooooooo dreaaaaaaaaaaaamy!

I used to buy them too, and couldn't wait! I think I may still have some pink frosted Slicker lipstick somewhere ...

sheesh - the estrogen level in here is way too high.


Mot - 'pigeon club'?


Happy B'day, Lairbo.

*WHACKS* Jeff upside the head with my clogs.

When ever we moved and had to fly, I always had my big bag of Tiger Beat and 16 magazines with me. I had the biggest crush on Mark Lindsay. I even remember his Mustang commercial and I was only about 8 years old. He still does it for me. I also preferred Tiger Beat. There was too much writing in 16 and Tiger Beat always had the fold out poster many of which ended up on the walls in my room. You all looked great, Dave. Or should I say, "Far out!"

Jeff, in the UK, SA, Aus & NZ there are these weird men who breed pigeons. The birds are let loose hundreds of miles from home and the first birds to make it home are declared the winners. Vast amounts of money can be won and good birds can cost thousands. If you ever saw Andy Capp cartoons you'd understand the fascination some men have for homing pigeons.

don't tell anyone, but i still have my leonard whiting (romeo, you dummies!) scrapbook. mark was high on my list.... he did 'hungry' last night but he did not do the ultimate preteen sex fantasy song, 'let me'

a few years ago when i started re-listening to their greatest hits (on cassette tape!) i discovered the greatest song i'd never heard before, powder blue mercedes queen, and became addicted to it ;) anyone remember it? it's fabulous.

Dear god, Dave! You just took me back to a time before I was born...but for some reason, I seem to remember well. Awesome!

judi, Leonard Whiting was high on my list also. I wanted to look like Olivia Hussey. I remember those songs and still love them.

I'm geezery enough to remember the Raiders. 'fraid I was more of a Cream/Vanilla Fudge/Iron Butterfly/Steppenwolf type.

In the 60s I spent my 50 cent allowance on 2 45s every week. To this day when I hear a song I once had, I can see the color of the 45. Now THAT'S useful information.

I recently saw a special on PBS of all the "rockers" who appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 60s. I nearly LMAO at most of them.

Thanks for telling us that you were in a brown shirt, Dave. Otherwise, it would've been hard to recognize you. >wink<

You look so happy you might just explode.
Posted by: Ceejaytee

Good to see you so happy.

16. i had a collection, but a lot of it was cut up and stuck on my walls. beatles forever.

Happy birthday LAIRBO!

*spanks Lairbo*

Siouxie, baby, Donny has NEVER lusted after anyone...the Mormons don't allow that. He was looking at you, but his heart was with God.

It's often painful to listen to old R&R from the 60s. There were some ugly, awkward production values not to mention some of the dunbass lyrics.

And Dave marks off another item on the Bucket List, just beneath being in close contact with huge elephant poop. Great performance that would have been supergroovy if Dave had flicked over his guitar to show us "FANG"!

My cousin Steve Boone played with The Lovin' Spoonful, so I was sorta obligated to put them at the top of my list. Daydreamer, anyone?

steve boone is your COUSIN? that's cool :) i loved them.

Last summer I saw Paul and the "newer" Raiders in Branson,MO...they had their original outfits on...and put on a great show.

I remember Mark as being a VERY intelligent guy....who also looked very good in tights. What a fun group...(they even did GLORIA...) It's good to see he has not lost his talent as a top entertaiiner..

As for Dave...I'm impressed. Great job on guitar!

AS for myself, I loved playing the toga parties...nothing like a bunch of guys passed out on the floor in bedsheets.

Thanks for the video judi...good job.

I can't remember the '60's. I must have been there.

I was at the show and it was sych a surprise to see you there Dave! It all sounded great but then, why wouldn't it? I was in the nosebleed seats!

LTTG as usual, but glad I saw this before it disappeared into the "Older Posts" vortex. Many thanks, judi, for the great video; it's always wonderful to see Dave having so much fun!

You're a wonderful guitarist, Dave. My goodness, you write, you sing, you play guitar...what other talents do you have?

in case anyone's still reading this thread, here's an even better video that caught the encore bowing at the end :)


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