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July 23, 2010


Let's see you steal this.


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Centuries ago, the town was called "small village in the middle of a sewer", and now it still aptly named.

poopulation #2

One of two things will happen - someone will find a way to steal it, or someone will use some quick drying cement to cover up "TERTON". Or both.

What a crappy name.

What a sh!tty thing to do do.

Git-er-done, Sh!tterton!

Heaven on a hot day.

"Come to Shitterton, where you can smell that dairy air."

Is it wrong that I read, "Pubic District Council"?
On a possibly related note, the first time my sister-in-law came to St. Augustine, she said something about liking that store with the odd name, "Pubix".

'The new Purbeck stone sign weighs in at a tonne-and-a-half'

...then Call it: 'SHITTERTON-AND-A-HALF'.

Here's a WACKY idea that wouldn't have cost much....CHANGE THE NAME OF THE DAMN TOWN!!!!

Pissed off in Shitterton?

Up Shitterton creek...Feh, what a sewer.

Here's a WACKY idea that wouldn't have cost much....CHANGE THE NAME OF THE DAMN TOWN!!!!

Posted by: Punkin | July 23, 2010 at 07:54 PM

May I suggest "Crapton"???

Somewhere near Farterton, Pissertown and Pukerville.

Sprinkle a little bird seed on top and... voila !

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