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July 23, 2010


A Long Island bank was held up by Darth Vader.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says, "Luke, I am your robber.")


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That must be a light saber jr he is wielding.

So, no light saber and he was wearing cargo pants.

It's Long Island, for crying out loud, not Alderaan!

A guy's gotta improvise.

When Nerds Go Bad.

Well, that Death Star isn't going to pay for itself

Is that Han Solo on the floor?

Hey Siouxie, what's with the cone of death? Is it ice cream? Something Maxwell Smart uses?

[Warning: Geek Alert]

It's David Prowse taking revenge for his banishment.

But perhaps most interesting is this:

Estranged wife of RFK Jr. avoids jail for drunken driving

OC - as you know, I live in Miami which is always within the cone of uncertainty = path of hurricane = cone of death

Siouxie, those of us in NC are sort of hoping that any tropical depression that forms heads our way. It's 98 degrees here. The weatherman seems more upset about the 'dew point' whatever that is and yesterday they showed how you can bake cookies in your car if you put the cookie sheet on your dash and keep all the windows closed. I'm thinking about trying it with some chicken tomorrow.

At least you're not cooking that swine you call barbeque.

All right bonmot. It's hot and I'm cranky. Put 'em up!

*spew* @ Jeff re: I am your robber.


thnx Siouxie, that explains it. Our version here would be something akin to "What will Richter say?"

Posted by: OC Dolphin, from What will Richter say?

*serves Nursecindy a bowl of nice cool homemade gazpacho*

Stay out of Philly, cindy. Looks like it was 104 there today. We were a relatively cool 85 but 97 with a 110 degree 'feel' is predicted for tomorrow.

Don't bogart those cookies.

aha, so that's what dick cheney is up to since his latest surg. i wondered.

Darth wasn't the scoundrel! Han Solo was the scoundrel. The lovable kind.

What ever happened to Chewbacca?

Is the rumor true-that he dyed himself yellow and is
working as a double for Big Bird on Sesame Street?

Somehow Darth Vader doesn't seem as menacing with cargo pants. Maybe the gun helps make up for it though.

"Rob or not rob - there is no borrow."

I'd bet he's single and needed the money to travel to Comic Con.

Speaking of Comic-Con....

( Imperial cruiser parked out back with the engine running )

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