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July 31, 2010


The Chevy Volt Dance

(Thanks to CJrun)


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Dumbass dance for the Edsel Awards. Chevy Volt. Proven technology. Bumper cars run on electricity, too.

I'm sure those girls have all had at least $40,000 worth of dance lessons in their lives, so it's an even trade.

I would only drive one of those if the price is right.

By that, I mean I would only drive it if I won it on The Price is Right, because I would never be able to afford $40,000 for a car.

It looks like those dancers had a few hundred volts up their asses.

Is that supposed to take my mind off the fact the car costs more than my first house? Loudmouth I've never thought of it that way but you're right. The next car they'll come up with is the Chevy Friction. You pull it back and forth in the driveway and hope you make it to where ever you're going. I probably just gave away a billion dollar idea.

*having a 60s acid flashback - make it stop!!!*

Paul Revere and the Raiders made a much better Chevy song.

Hey! What's happened to my HTML-fu?

Chevy song

I want mah money back!!!

The 80's called... they want their breakdancing back.

Cheaper than the Tesla. The Tesla Dance isn't all that great, either.

Volt. The new car smell of raspberry douche.
Volt. Reliable in all weather. Like a toaster in the tub.
Volt. Half the range of a 1909 Baker Electric.
Volt. It ain't no iPod.
Volt. 40 miles and the radio will never tune talk radio.
MTV says "Rock the Volt".
Chevy Volt. For when that money just keeps shooting out of your ass.
Drive a Chevy Volt. Don't drive in the rain.
Twitter had a gob of Volt slogans. Just the ones I wrote.

Gummint motors... so well done. gee, I can hardly wait for the SuperBowl commercial.

Yeah HLB, but the Tesla is a sexy mobile, fast and powerful. The Volt is a Segway with a roof.

"the volt : full of electro-motive potential?"
*physics joke*

Golfcart Motors will be selling stock soon too.

If the Volt is so great...then you've got to wonder why Obama used a Jeep Grand Cherokee (!) as a backdrop to celebrate Detroit's building of "the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow."

No matter. Whatever new car I end up buying to replace my elderly Intrepid, it won't be one built by the Peoples' Automotive Collective of Detroit. Either the Chevroletski or Chryslerets divisions.

Maybe Ford...but after the bailouts I'm not too keen on the idea of buying anything made in a UAW shop, no matter what brand name is on the hood.

The best thing Obama could do for the economy is promise not to meddle with it for a year or so. Or give companies tax breaks if they hire more employees.

Sorry to get policical. Looking for gumdrop or gumball now :)

*rolls gumball to Kristina.*

We had two Chryslers that were good cars. The Concord was fantastic. I could never understand the bad rap. Not likely to buy another. My 72 Nova made me a damn good mechanic it was such a piece of junk. Even so, kept it 18 years. Wes, my experience with 2 Rangers and now a Mazda (Ranger) have been great. I wouldn't have any qualms about a Ford.

that just looks looks so much like a low-budget ad campaign hoping really hard to go viral video

I figured the GM execs promised their girlfriends they'd be in it. Amazing what some guys will do to get laid.

Is a link available to a Chevy Volt Dancers topless routine?

fyi the last ford i had cost me an average (over a two and a half year period) of $250 per month in repairs. ford. ptui!

I drive an '02 Dodge 2500 V10. Good truck well made... in Mexico. I'd like to upgrade to a newer truck, but I don't like the newer ones as well. While I was havin' my windshield replaced, I rented a 2010 Chevy truck. What a gutless piece of crap. (and I was a Chevy man for many years.)

Kristina L, your comment was right on, too.

I didn't pay for it; I'm Canadian.

Oh, wait. Sigh...

It does have some really good sized racks on it that I would love to try out. The commercial I mean. I have no idea what the car looks like.

I had the '95 version of Wyo's truck for ten years. Great truck. I still miss it. Mine was hecho in Mexico, too. My ex had a Ford Taurus that twice died in the fast lane on the freeway with no warning at all. Apparently one of its plastic parts got too warm. Ford guy told me it was a "safety shutoff" feature. I wanted to shove something up his safety shutoff.

OT - Chelsea Clinton is getting married today in my hometown, at a place I used to hang out as a kid - Astor Courts. My hometown has one stop light. One. That stop light is very very busy today. Just bizarre, but congrats to all.

My McCain-ish dad is steamed that the Dems have invaded and are tying up traffic. My mom is, according to my sister, bossing the Secret Service around, telling them where they can and can't park. /OT

The Clinton's created more jobs with this wedding than Obama did with trillions of "stimulus" dollars. I'm not countin' temporary census jobs, btw.

OK, too political. I'll go back to blurking. Love you all.

it was nice of them to include the token white girl in the performance.

*waves to Wyo*

lovely state, btw, as we spent some time there last year.....lots of critters

Annie, we'll send cards to your mom if the Secret Service puts her in jail. I drive a 12 year old Mercury and will continue to do so until it either dies a natural death or commits suicide. I change it's oil every 3000 miles, keep it's tires rotated, and have it checked all over when the oil is changed. It runs and rides better than my daughter's new Altima. Even better it's paid for! My mom once told me I looked like I was driving a giant marshmallow (it's white) and my son told me I should have flames painted on the side. I'm thinking about it. I prefer vintage cars and hope someday to own a vintage Thunderbird.

Given the resistance that seems to surround this car, it should be called the Chevy Ohm.

And based on the video, maybe they ought to power it on eyerolls.

You all are aware of course that this terd 4-seater runs on PREMIUM gasolene.

Biggest snork to Larry. Probably true too.

I'm still driving a 1992 Toyota Previa. It's almost defunct, but I plan to run it until it begs for mercy. The replacement, the Sienna, gets all of 1 mpg better fuel economy, has less cargo space, and nobody makes an electric or hybrid minivan.

Problems with obsolescent propulsion systems were predicted long ago. I'm sure there was an inane dance then, also.

I don't want to get political.

Not until Dave runs for President again.

Dave, will you promise to get the government out ofthe auto business so I can get my flying car (like who wants a flying car made by the government)?

I have friends who are fanatical "buy American" types and, in theory, I support that. They claim that American cars are just as dependable as foreign.
"Then, why," I ask, "do the documentaries on television never, ever show adventurers crossing the Sahara or the Australian Outback, in a GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle?"
And, electric vehicles? Tell me, what fueled the power plant that charges it?

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