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July 31, 2010


Naked woman falls through roof

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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“Then I saw the lassie falling through the roof. It's full of asbestos."

Gotta love those Scots.

Of course, had the couple done this in December they'd be frozen to the roof. Aberdeen's climate sucks.

They were both shingle. His slate was clean. She fell for him hard.

"Thank you, God!"

padraig, quit praying for naked women to fall from the sky.

Nice ANIMAL HOUSE reference, pad.

The only thing I get is squirrels down my chimney.

What's wrong, Timmy? Did Lassie fall through the roof?

Sounds like he was trying to slip her a roofie.

This never happens in real life.

Looks like the "dogging" craze has claimed another victim...

The story would be way more believable with supporting photos.

Naturally, a couple of joiners found them.

But unless they get married soon, their children won't be union made...

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